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  1. No he never sued them. The male has now passed away.
  2. BOJ also played the Cosmopolitan in Carlisle round about this time as well, unfortunatly I don't have a date. Not in Scotland but damn close.
  3. May have even been at Folkstone and Stourbridge in the December of 87
  4. Steve tried to send you a PM but its not getting through.
  5. Interesting fact Steve. You have them listed by any chance?
  6. Songs that were stolen were all full songs, many with vocals
  7. Remember reading that interview and thanks for posting, was 84/85 though
  8. Copies of some of the stolen tapes were made for Jimmy by a collecter in May 1999 at his request.
  9. Nicked over a period of 18 months i would say. All stolen from Windsor. Guilty party claims Charlotte Martin gave them the tapes, not true of course.
  10. She was still at Windsor in 1985 and it was no break in.
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