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  1. Hello back around here again.

  2. Be of use, but don’t be used

  3. Sweet child O´mine / Guns n Roses
  4. Very, very, very cold we aren´t used to this cold weather.
  5. Time after Time - Cindy Lauper
  6. Luna is getting big. Just 4 months between the first photo and this one. She´s still our little puppy.
  7. Take a long line - The Angels
  8. Thanks it was and very exhausting but great.
  9. I know that feeling, specially when they are playing and not fighting.
  10. Audra my flamenco dress is black, red, and green for the Feria of Seville. It´s an awsome festival here in Seville. I´ll post a picture someday. Thanks everyone. We all get a little peep into each other´s lives.
  11. Celebrating my B´day with the family.
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