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    Montreal QC Canada
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    I have mostly interests in music..But i have a lot of fave bands some of them you might not kno cuz im 13 and im sure a lot of you ppl dont listen to what i listen too so... my fave bands are:<br /><br />Fall Out Boy, Led Zeppelin, The Academy Is..., My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, Jimi Hendrix, Cute Is What We Aim For, The Doors, Paramore, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Boys Like Girls, Ashlee Simpson, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Cobra Starship, The Guess Who, Queen, Green Day, Rush, Robert Johnson, Robert Plant and Bad Company, April Wine, Aerosmith, Van Halen and The Yardbirds

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  1. Jimmy is still good lookin'! I'd marry him!

  2. JimmyPageLover

    yardbirds and The Doors

    thxx sooo much never knew about the Doors were playing prior to Zeppelin!
  3. JimmyPageLover

    yardbirds and The Doors

    kk so i love the yardbirds and the doors. and they came out around the same time. So did the doors or jim morrison ever meet like the yardbirds or even led zep cuz led zep came out in '68-'69 so its possible they could have met eachother or something? if so pictures could be nice \ thx
  4. JimmyPageLover

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Bring It On Home the live version from How The Weat Was Won best version
  5. JimmyPageLover

    In Through The Out Door Sleeve

    THxxx ninelives! that rly helpedd
  6. JimmyPageLover

    In Through The Out Door Sleeve

    So, my friend told me that if you wet the sleeve of In Through The Out Door it changes color and albums pop up. I just wanna kno if it's true and if anyone has any pictures of the colorful album sleeve. Thxx so much
  7. JimmyPageLover

    what song started you on Zeppelin?

    The Ocean it was just picking out different songs to download by Led Zeppelin and then i listened to that one and i was like : OMG THAT'S AWESOMEE! Then i eventually got to the others i downloaded and then i was like: WOW! they are my new favorite band
  8. JimmyPageLover

    Name that tune

    When does Robert Say: "Oooooooooh..... SUCK IT!" in what song? Where (State)? And what venue? i kno all this...
  9. JimmyPageLover

    Where would you rank Jimmy Page in Top 500 Guitarists?

    1. Jimmy Page <3 2. Hendrix <3 3. Eddie Van Halen 4. Prince 5. Jeff Beck Pretty awesome peoplee
  10. JimmyPageLover

    Band Name

    oh oh oh ... BIG BLIMP!!!! HAHA
  11. JimmyPageLover

    Favorite Led Zeppelin Album/Song

    my fave album : Physical Graffiti My fave song: Tea For One (Presence) i think all there albums are great but i love PG. and there's A LOT of song to choose from from led zep but i rly love tea for one.
  12. JimmyPageLover

    Zeps worst song?

    YOU ARE VERY RIGHT! i agree with you 100%. the album is not that great and that song is the worst one ever!!! it's so not led zep you kno
  13. JimmyPageLover

    JPJ'S Best Keyboard Performance

    i love Since I've Been Loving You!!! it's great live...but No Quarter is better than Since I've Been Loving You live...but i voted for Since I've Been Loving You cuz the poster never said anything about wich song is better live
  14. i found a link of a jam session that led zep did back when they were doing Phisical Graffiti. in the song there are no words but it's has an AMAZING groove to it!! they should have put it out as a song!! it would been awesome!!!
  15. JimmyPageLover

    best 3 songs from each of Led Zep's albums :)

    yea "Hey hey What Can I do" was on the special edition of Coda, it came with the "complete studio recordings" from Led Zep.....and so was Travelleing Riverside Blues...Travelling Riverside Blues was also on the BBC sessions CD(live)