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  1. To the sexiest man on Earth............. (OMG) A Very Happy 61st. Birthday..............!
  2. Que te digo?

    Que te quiero, te amo?

    Ok, I love you, I need you, I want you, happy now?

  3. The time to hesitate is through, No time to wallow in the mire, Try now we can only lose, And our love become a funeral pyre.
  4. Te amo y nunca dejare de hacerlo

  5. No line on the horizon's the best I've heard lately...not only individually but as a whole composition, it realyy thrills me. I've been passing for a terrible moment in my life (the loss of my mother), and, among other things, this album helped me out to overcome my sadness, or to justify it. When Bono's father passed away, the grief appeared in "Sometines you can't make it on your own", from "How to dismantle..........." it talks about their bad relationship, how many things have been unsaid....
  6. I'd say these pics make me wanna be hugged/squeezed......among other things...
  7. Just found this, by chance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Vee8o4FTw
  8. Deep Purple: Stormbringer Deep Purple: Machine Head Coverdale Page
  9. fantastic pics everyone! Here's some new stuff......
  10. I've been away for a while.........
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