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  1. This one had Snoopy on the front didn't it?
  2. Good question. When wearing my Nurses Do It Better tee shirt I have had several confused comments from non fans. One woman at a gig kept on and on at me. "I'm a nurse..." she said, "...and it shouldn't say Nurses Do It Better, it should say Nurses MAKE it better, because that's what we do.." I couldn't get her to understand it was a replica of an iconic shirt.
  3. Wow, I checked out a load of these photos and then I had to go back to the top and double check that I didn't actually start the thread myself. A couple of years ago now I got a friend who is an artist to draw the design of John Bonham's famous silver on black shirt from photographs. Then I got a silk screen done and had a minimum run of 20 printed off. I hoped I might sell some of them and keep a few for the drummer in our tribute band. Incredibly I had sold them all within a week of getting them printed so I got some more and put them on ebay. Since then they have been selling slowly but surely and I added a ladies fit version in a variety of colours, and a red version of the men's one. Last week I added three more Zeppelin influenced designs. Bobby And The Helmets Nurses Do It better and In For A Quick Garden I wanted to do some "Texas Pop" ones but I couldn't get permission from the copyright holder so I didn't. The "Elvis" one that Robert Plant wore has a lot of potential although its probably not practical. This is a taste of the ones I've done so far. Hope its not too cheeky putting these on here.
  4. OK well I have created a website just for the shirts because after an advert in Tight But Loose last issue I suddenly sold loads. So I decided to add a whole load of new styles and run the ad again next issue. O.T.Tees is the website. It is still being constructed but you can get the Bonham shirts in mens red or black and ladies various colours. I am also creating the 'In For A Quick Garden' listing now and have just linked back to here for reference. Next on the list is 'Bobby And The Helmets' and possibly 'Nurses Do It Better' Then I have some other ideas which may depart from the Zeppelin theme and also from the "as worn by" theme. But that is for the future.
  5. I just stumbled on this thread again, and I thought I should mention. I am seriously considering getting a small number of shirts made like this. Only in Large X-Large and XX-Large of course. I already did the font and am confident of it being a really good reproduction. The question is do you think anybody would be willing to buy one. I think I can keep the cost down to £10 plus P&P if I do a run of 20 I did this with the Bonham TSRTS tee shirt and sold out in a week. I'm still selling them on ebay although I only sell about five or six a month on average.
  6. Just as I read the thread title I was listening to Whole Lotta Love by some band called Led Zeppelin, you may have heard of them. LOL But what I've been listening to lately is Philadelphia heavy blues rock band with funky bass, Paintbox. I want to try and get them over to the UK. PAINTBOX facebook Also Limeshark, immense sounding rock with a good dose of prog, from Lincolnshire, England but making a lot of waves stateside.
  7. I'm pretty sure I haven't posted in this thread yet which surprises me because I am always seeking out good new music in the broad church of 60-70s rock. I particularly focus on great unsigned bands since there is such a lot of rubbish on the radio. So I strongly recommend an unsigned band called "The Butterfly Experiment" Myspace page Facebook page They are from NW England (Liverpool/Manchester area) The sound is broadly Led Zeppelin in style but none of their individual songs are very Zeppy. Listening to them live and on CD I am reminded of RATM, Pink Floyd, early Fleetwod Mac, Chilli Peppers, and the Beatles, in no particular order. What is weird is the way they always make me think of Zeppelin overall. I suppose its the variety of styles and the Les Paul through a Marshall and the fact that they usually finish off with a cover of Black Dog which they do very well. I first saw them supporting us (Led Zep Too) and they went down a storm. It was in Merseyside and they obviously had a great following, pulling in a big chunk of the audience, but it was obvious the hardcore Zep fans liked them as well. I've been plugging them ever since.
  8. Ah, Monty Python, the ministry of silly sentences! My ghast has never been so flabbered! It turns out, that t-shirt was recalled by at least one current rock band. In for a quick garden, album by Midline. Had a quick listen on their myspace just now. A bit Audioslave what I heard. They are from Idaho just in case anyone is interested.
  9. Yeah unless someone comes up with a convincing story otherwise, then I am pretty sure this is just a silly play on words. People go ".. in for a quick drink" to the pub, or ".. in for a quick swim" to the pool, etc Obviously gardening is an odd word because nobody ever says "I'm going for a garden" it just sounds silly. It is almost always used in the gerund form, i.e. -ING You say drinking, and, go for a drink, swimming, and, go for a swim, playing, and, go outside and play, So "In for a quick garden" is just a silly sentence. There was a motorbike race once, one of the riders lost his line and went off the track, after tearing up the grass for a while he managed to get it back on course . The commentator said, "... he rejoins the race after 150 yards of frantic gardening!" Sorry, not a word of Zeppelin expertise involved in this post!
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