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  1. Please note. I am speaking as the former singer with Led Zep Too. (now disbanded) Hats Off To Led Zeppelin appeared on the scene not that long ago, and immediately secured a string of good gigs. They even took over one or two of our venues but no hard feelings, we all do it. Now I personally think we were pretty damned good, and I know we were better than a couple of well established Zep tributes, but my decision to leave Led Zep Too was in no small part due to the astonishing ease with which Hats Off secured venues that we had been told were sewn up by those longer established bands.
  2. Well the reason there are so many tribute bands around is because whilst a lot of people SAY they like original music, very few of them are willing to part with money to go and SEE original bands. Yet hoards of people will turn up to see a band pretend to be another band. I've been in original bands. The audience is usually made up of the other bands that are on the same bill. You never get paid and unless you get signed you almost certainly never will. Tributes on the other hand get paid reasonably well even if they are not that good. But of course you are entitled to your opinon.
  3. The videos I have seen of Whole Lotta Led I would not go and see them if you paid me. The band are OK but the singer is AWFUL. Sorry. Speaking as an ex singer from another Zeppelin tribute I can honestly say, as far as UK Zep tributes go The good ones are Lets Zep, Hats Off To Led Zeppelin, Led By Zeppelin, and Boot Led Zeppelin Apart from them Ii haven't come across any others I would recommend. The vocals is what lets almost every Zep tribute down. Not sure if my old band will be carrying on but I suspect not.
  4. Got a website for them? I will add it to my definitive Led Zeppelin tributes list.
  5. The links Anisa put up are not bad in my opinion. Mind you I can only really judge the vocals with any authority. My only criticism (and it is mild) is that I dislike the American accent. I know that sounds crazy because Percy sang with an American accent, but .... its an English guy singing in an American accent, which really is totally different to an American guy singing in an American accent. Sorry i know that probably sounds mental. Besides if that's all I found to complain about its cool, right?
  6. Rush AND Led Zeppelin in one show. Cool Great vocals on that video by the way.
  7. This one had Snoopy on the front didn't it?
  8. Good question. When wearing my Nurses Do It Better tee shirt I have had several confused comments from non fans. One woman at a gig kept on and on at me. "I'm a nurse..." she said, "...and it shouldn't say Nurses Do It Better, it should say Nurses MAKE it better, because that's what we do.." I couldn't get her to understand it was a replica of an iconic shirt.
  9. Wow, I checked out a load of these photos and then I had to go back to the top and double check that I didn't actually start the thread myself. A couple of years ago now I got a friend who is an artist to draw the design of John Bonham's famous silver on black shirt from photographs. Then I got a silk screen done and had a minimum run of 20 printed off. I hoped I might sell some of them and keep a few for the drummer in our tribute band. Incredibly I had sold them all within a week of getting them printed so I got some more and put them on ebay. Since then they have been selling slow
  10. I wrote some slightly harsh words but have deleted them before posting. So, most politely and calmly...... Why does all music have to be original? Even the Beatles did covers. Elvis barely wrote anything at all. I won't even start on the "borrowing" of a certain English heavy blues band. Symphony orchestras bash out Mozart, and Beethoven etc and nobody complains. It takes a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication to play three hours of Zeppelin. Why not dress up and make a show out of it? People like it. Blow up doll ???? Bit harsh. Rant over, there are a few bands mentioned
  11. OK well I have created a website just for the shirts because after an advert in Tight But Loose last issue I suddenly sold loads. So I decided to add a whole load of new styles and run the ad again next issue. O.T.Tees is the website. It is still being constructed but you can get the Bonham shirts in mens red or black and ladies various colours. I am also creating the 'In For A Quick Garden' listing now and have just linked back to here for reference. Next on the list is 'Bobby And The Helmets' and possibly 'Nurses Do It Better' Then I have some other ideas which may depart from the Z
  12. I just stumbled on this thread again, and I thought I should mention. I am seriously considering getting a small number of shirts made like this. Only in Large X-Large and XX-Large of course. I already did the font and am confident of it being a really good reproduction. The question is do you think anybody would be willing to buy one. I think I can keep the cost down to £10 plus P&P if I do a run of 20 I did this with the Bonham TSRTS tee shirt and sold out in a week. I'm still selling them on ebay although I only sell about five or six a month on average.
  13. Hi Steve, I'd really appreciate a source. Not in a challenging aggressive way but I would very much like to get my facts straight before changing anything, and it is important for me to link to the source in the answers page. Thanks.
  14. Yep I agree I have to chase this up now and check my facts. I sympathise with QI researchers now, when they get a fact right one season and the next season it is wrong due to new knowledge. I do think the quiz would be worthless if there wasn't some detailed info in the answers. I learned a lot making it.
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