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  1. I try to agree with this angle, and I really do see it, but the so much of the Who comes from the mind of Pete Townshend/voiced by Roger Daltrey that I say they have the right to call themselves whatever the hell they want.
  2. They've always looked like Gibson was going for a futuristic look with the Flying V, but ridiculous? Nah!
  3. I was in high school at the time, just as you would start to get yourself under control, you'd switch classes and a fresh set of emotional wounds would be out on numerous sleeves. One of the saddest weeks ever! RIP John.
  4. Like Led Zeppelin isn't he same? Gloria Estefan? Give me a break. It's Miami, the theme should aggravated assault, and drug running...or at least get that Ace Ventura fellow out there.... I said LACES OUT!!!!
  5. Personally, I can't even compare. I like MOP and AJFA, they represent the best, most intense moments of Metallica for me... once in a great while I get in a mood to here cuts from those records again. The first four of LZ I love, and I listen to regularly as I have for 30 years now.
  6. Because what passes for rock bands these days is about as sexy as a tennis ball can full of warm pasta?
  7. Been rolling with the changes, board resets, loss of all posts, bickering, and friendships made since 2004. The personal vendettas, death threats, claims of insider status, bigotry, and homophobic rants started when the board became the official one. I agree it's a shame.
  8. Yes, thanks? Incorrect. ANY downloadable browser add-on puts entries into your registry that will stay in there even after uninstalling the toolbar. Point taken on Linux and OS X.
  9. Thanks for posting the reminder of this unfortunate piece of The Who's history, can't blame Pete for reconsidering things at that point at all. They installed "corralls" on the main concert venue in Phoenix at the time...took a lot longer to get in, but they made sure that the line was single file, and that there were rails to grab onto in case someone should step on your feet from behind.
  10. I think the difference might be that the rest of the musicians epmloyed more of a "wham bam....you know the rest* with the less than driving age crowd ? Jimmy forged a relationship...kind of prolongs the spotlight on the impropriety. *shrugs*
  11. And as such are the first to get hit with security problems....they may not exist at this time, but you've downloaded a probable target. The more users that could be affected, the more likely hackers will be finding a way in, so laying out the "largest web info on the internet" card is even more reason to fold. Also, if you think Alexa isn't laying perfectly reliable eggs in your registry, you must be new to the online world.
  12. You'll not necessarily be a tool, but you'll be looking for rootkit removal tool without a doubt, and what does it matter for what this sites Alexa rank is...will it lower the cost of beer or something useful??
  13. The sig does explain it all, when someone takes your opinion and agrees with it, they're a fellow genius...if they decide that your argument deoesn't change their own view, they're stupid. Scratch was guilty of the same narrow diplomatic parameters. There's no balance with everybody thinking alike...a point I've been trying to get across to Otto. The wise man looks at both arguments and walks away an enlightened individual.
  14. Scratch! Is that you? I'm not crazy about Otto's need to point out how neutral he is, and his consternation that we all can't act as he does, but name calling? You've alot of debate time under your belt...you should be better than that by now.
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