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  1. New York City Fired Department...since the Who were one of the first bands to sign up for the benefit concert after 9/11, the Fire Dept. wanted t o repay the favor.
  2. The honorees don't perform, there's a selection of other artists who pay tribute to the honorees by performing their music. It will be interesting who they select to perform for them. When the Who were honored, part of the NYCFD sang Baba O'Reilly.
  3. Believe or not Aerosmith in 1977, maybe this was their drug induced era, because they sucked big time! good thing I only paid $10 for the damn ticket. Oh and The Cars, Linda Ronstadt both back in the 70's
  4. lillian


    Secretary for a family practice doctor and and ob/gyn. I love the last minute phone calls on a Friday@ 4:45 pm right before a three day weekend from an old guy wanting his viagra script called in!
  5. A woman goes to her Human Resource Manager to file a complain against a fellow employee who is sexually harrassing her, the HR manager explains that having the other employee tell her, her hair smells good is not sexual harrassment, the woman looks at the manager in disbelieve, and tells him, "you don't understand the SOB is a midget"!
  6. A guy is playing golf, and tees the ball off into a field of buttercups, he goes down to the field and starts tearing out these buttercups, when he hears a voice say, "please don't tear out my buttercups", he looks up and doesn't see anyone there, he continues tearing out flowers, and hears the voice again, "please don't tear out my buttercups", he looks up and sees this gorgeous woman, in a long flowing dress, he explains the golf ball situation and she tells him, "if you don't tear out my buttercups I will give you free butter for a year", he thinks this is reasonable and he has found the b
  7. Happy birthday lillian.From dodge in the uk.

  8. I personally hate the entire Emo bullshit. I hate bands like My Chemical Romance, my daughter became very depressed as I have said in other threads, and started cutting herself, the first time I saw her arms I couldn't believe it, I fell apart, I couldn't fathom someone mutilating themselves in order to deal with their emotions, it was an absolutely horrible experience for me and took months of therapy and medication for her to stop. At the time she was listening to MCR and other bands of that genre a lot, whether or not she was influenced by that, I don't know, I know that for myself I was ne
  9. I love Alice, saw 5 years ago, and he did a spoof of Britney Spears, his daughter dressed like Britney, and chops her head off in the guillotine, hilarious, one of the best times I have had at a concert. He did a Public Service Announcement here in Arizona for Department of Motor Vehicles that is quite funny. He's always had a great sense of humor and has never taken himself seriously.
  10. I loved it too, great movie, I loved that Cameron Crowe used Peter Frampton as a manager! I don't tire of watching it.
  11. Pues a ultima hora tiene ud. razon, especialmente ultimamente con todos los stresses que se me han venido. Y pues el proximo Sabado 17, cuando celebre el aniversario de mis 25 anos, porque a estas etapas yo digo que es mi cunpleanos sino un aniversario. Ya estoy muy "ruca" como dicen en Mexico. Salud
  12. Bachman Turner Overdrive 1st concert Wings 1976 The Who Kiss x3 Aerosmith Foghat Linda Ronstadt 1978 Foreigner 1978 Black Oak Arkansas Peter Frampton Led Zeppelin 1977 David Bowie x2 The Firm Ronnie Lane benefit concert with Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck Dio Quiet Riot Whitesnake Rainbow Sammy Hagar Van Halen Iron Maiden Velvet Revolver Tom Jones 3 years ago did great! Stevie Wonder Heart Def Leppard x 3 Billy Squier Motley Crue Joan Jett Cher I know I'll get flak for this one, but she's great Yes Moody Blues Scorpions Rod Stewart x3
  13. una conocida y yo comentabanos que valdria la pena convertirnos en alcolicas solamente para despues ir a internarnos en el Centro de Rehabilitacion Crossroads para conocer a legendario guitarrista, ya que tengo entiendido que de vez un cuando va a pasar tiempo en el lugar y ayuda a los adictos que van y se internan. Nos estamos muriendo de las carcajadas simplemente por la idea tan estupida que se nos ocurio!
  14. Tiene razon cada etapa tiene su esencia, recordar es vivir, porque las mas bellas etapas de mi vida fueron cuando era mas joven. Jim Beam, he? no lo he brobado, a mi encanta el tequila, especialmente Hornitos Anejo. Salud Eric Clapton uno de mis favoritos, especialmente su musica de la decada de los 70's, cuando tocaba una gran pasion.
  15. I don't see why an apology is necessary, both my daughter and I suffer from depression, and two years ago she tried to committ suicide, it was one of the darkest periods of my life, because she is so beautiful and compassionate, that I couldn't understand why this was happening, life throws curve balls and sometimes you just have to deal with it as best you can, luckily my daughter got help, and is on all natural meds for her depression, but it really helped to have friends there to get us through it. I will light a candle on your behalf and send good wishes
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