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  1. I am desperately sorry to read this. My thoughts with you.
  2. I am sure there are others who could do that. He had many friends. I will just say that he was witty, colossally intelligent, had an anarchic sense of humour, and was pretty much unbiddable If you were his friend you had to take him as you found him, but it was worth it. He has left a hollow in my world at any rate. And since I'm posting on this forum, I'll say that he was also a Zep scholar. Thanks for reading.
  3. For those of you who remember the poster Styrbjorn, he passed away suddenly just after Christmas. He is missed more than words can describe.
  4. Well,whoever he turns up with, I have my ticket.
  5. I'm terrible at remembering what songs were played, but these have stuck: Win My Train Fare Home Four Sticks Black Dog Let The Four Winds Blow Black Girl Fixin to Die A bit of Whole Lotta which turned into a popular Arabic song I know there's quite a bit more, but my brains are still a little fried as I got home at 2am having driven for two hours.
  6. It was,it was! Great atmosphere, and he even did Rock'n'Roll!
  7. If it wasn't for the "pre-punk '70s" remark I'd have been inclined to suspect Guns'n'Roses.
  8. The theory, or one very like it, is known as Bistromathics. If you quote this instead you will only get beaten over the head by disgruntled Italian waiters, rather than become the focal point for burning resentment from suddenly-empowered cabbies..er, I mean transport industry executives. You know you should have walked home.
  9. fuchsia


    Thinking of you all, take care.
  10. Seeing any of them play,in any form or indeed format,is worth everything. "gonna miss me when I'm gone". (apologies to the Dead) Red wine can induce melancholy on occasion.
  11. Hello back, Aquamarine! I think the implication was the US would only be happy if it were top of the medals table, and I was indulging in an ill-mannered smirk. Very base behaviour. Hope you're well!
  12. Nicely said Hang-man. How are you doing?
  13. Boris Johnson isn't a comic genius; simply a journalist well versed in writing witty little sketches. How he'll manage his responsibilities is another matter entirely. Show me a Tory and I'll show you a...well, never mind. Apologies for the threadjack, I really enjoyed watching Jimmy and Leona!
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