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  1. Robert always played and worked with incredible musicians since post Zep. I would love to bring the Strange Sensations back, but I think he has moved on like he usually does.
  2. Don't know what I make of that. Maybe outdated? Plant just finished a tour....
  3. Yes, I remember when that album came out. It was an awesome album. JPJ created amazing arrangements and took pretty much control of the studio work along with Plant. Page and Bonham were struggling with addictions at the time and that era was probably the darkest days of Zeppelin along with the cancellation of the last dates of the 77 tour. Who knew it was going to be the end a year from then. It is still a great fucking album and does stand the test of time!
  4. I would love for Robert to make another album with Strange Sensations, but highly doubtful...
  5. I just ordered it also. Thank you Knebby!!
  6. I saw them in 95 and 98 and I am sure a lot of you saw them also in those years. Why did they quit? Was there a falling out between them or did Robert just become bored?
  7. That only makes it better. If the quirks weren't there, the songs may sound a bit different. I have NO problems on how they stand after all of these years. Now, time to listen to Physical Graffiti!
  8. I remember when he toured with Robert on Fate of Nations Tour and of course Page/Plant tours. He was an excellent drummer, very powerful. We miss you Michael.
  9. Anyone think the Strange Sensations will be back, or would you think that chapter in Plant's career is done?
  10. Jimmy is a very private and secretive man, always was and always will be. I really hope that he has something he is working on. He hasn't played live steadily in what 10 years (JP & Crowes)? If he is working on something top secret and if whoever is involved "spills the beans", they may be "Swinging On The Gallows Pole!" LOL!!
  11. Awesome, he is playing Jan. 29th at the Beacon in NYC, how coincidental that happens to be my b-day.
  12. I heard that Jimmy is working on a album with all sorts of musicians. Like I said that's what I heard, so I cannot guarantee any truth to this but just hope.
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