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  1. The taper of the Atlanta '77 actually posted in over at You Tube where the recording has been uploaded and basically said, "Yeah, I had the recorder on the floor, I was sixteen, young, dumb and high, whaddya want?"😆
  2. I'm trying to track down the known 2nd gen version of the Atlanta tape to upgrade my old "How Many More Years Gone With The Wind" boot- I would presume the 2nd gen transfer is probably the best this show is gonna sound at this point...
  3. I dig the alternate perspectives as well, which is why I've decided to undertake gathering up all the '77 alternate source recordings. Mind ya, a couple of 'em do sound like absolute shite- that "third source" for June 13, for example- practically unlistenable. A lot of them aren't complete, either. I've been going through my archives, sorting out what I have, what I don't have, what I thought I had but lost etc...and trying to gather up whatever I don't have. I actually played the May 26 audience tape this morning (master source transfer), actually ain't half bad sound quality, but the performance is still pretty iffy. And, yeah, the epic drum solos were my main reason for wanting to hear those shows, unfortunately they turned out to be the most boring, tedious drum solos I've ever heard John Bonham play. What a disappointment! Like I say, the May 26 audience tape is actually decent- the May 25 audience tape is the one where you can hardly make out any of the Plantations, it's that distant sounding. I've got May 28th, the old TDOLZ boot, where half the marathon drum solo is cut out😅 The May 30 tape is good once they turned the recording levels down after "The Song Remains The Same"- the sound actually reminds me of the classic April 28 "Oh Fuck!" source recording. I'll stick with the audience tapes playing the 28th and 30th later in the week...
  4. That's why I haven't heard 'em in years. I just played the first disc of May 25 this morning, that was enough of that one...even the soundboard tapes don't sound all that hot.
  5. Gawd help me, I'm going to try and give the Landover '77 shows a listen this week for the first time in years, probably😆 Played a bit of the May 25 soundboard this morning...even that performance seemed off, like the 26 and 28 are. What the hell happened in the three days between Fort Worth and Landover? Incidentally, folks, at the moment I am trying to compile all the 1977 alternate source recordings for some sort of a project (not sure what yet...) I have most of the alternate sources, but not all...
  6. Agreed. Having just listened to the Tempe performance last night for the first time in years -possibly since I did the remastering work on it in the first place- this breakdown of the performance is spot on. Aside from the recording being better than I remembered it being (I reckon the muddy sound in the ASU arena was simply part and parcel) other than Robert Plant not hitting the high notes ("A man's got to know his limitations" as Clint Eastwood would say) "Achilles Last Stand" is the only real disaster here. I think "Trampled Under Foot" is sloppy simply because they hadn't played it in a month😆. Exactly why Jimmy skipped "White Summer" is probably a mystery known only to him... Now I REALLY want to hear the first part of the show, the taper never said why he missed the first seven songs, just that the thing was taped on a "shitty tape recorder" with "old batteries".
  7. Robert Plant is fond of the "Sick Again" lyric, I can see why, it's funny and snarky almost in a Steely Dan way. "Baby dry those silver eyes"...😆 Agreed that the song just seemed dropped in to the set in '79, it works better up front IMO.
  8. It was worth it just to hear from the taper of the show. Hell, I even listened to thing last night- it's actually not that that bad of a recording. And I maintain that it is mainly Robert Plant that is the weak link in Tempe with his inability to hit the high notes, though that "Achilles Last Stand" is one of the great rock and roll trainwrecks of all time😆 After a while Jones and Bonham don't even bother waiting for Jimmy to catch up to them...
  9. I just reposted Tempe over at the Traders Den, having found my old discs cleaning the house...and got a reply from the TAPER of the show, who was able to solve a couple of mysteries, regarding the mediocre partial recording of the gig: the original tapes ran slow because they were "old batteries" and it was a "shitty tape deck". He also mentioned that he only had one 90 minute tape that had already been used a few times, which explains that beautiful tape bleed of "Jumping Jack Flash" and "All Right Now" we hear during "Stairway To Heaven". The taper didn't mention why he missed the first set on the recording, though.
  10. Whatever you say, AA...been a dozen years since Freezer asked me to find out if you were the guy who leaked the info to TCOLZ about his Baton rouge '77 recording, and then you were outed over at the Hotel for being the TCOLZ shill. Like Bobby De Niro said in Goodfellas: you don't know who I am, but I KNOW who you are...
  11. Same here, especially given AA's history withing the Zeppelin community...
  12. Not while he's still alive, that's for sure! 😂
  13. Four hours on Zeppelin would certainly cover a lot of ground...like, everything.
  14. I'd love to find a decent copy of the April 28 Cleveland show on vinyl that I wouldn't have to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford...
  15. I just watched the Scorsese-produced four hour (!) Long Strange Trip Grateful Dead documentary, done in the style of the Tom Petty Runnin' Down A Dream doc or The History Of The Eagles. But watching the Dead documentary, I was thinking, "This is the kind of thing Zeppelin needs." Maybe not four hours, necessarily, but something comprehensive and that doesn't whitewash (or ignore) the more unsavoury aspects of the band's history. It is LONG overdue.
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