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  1. Nutrocker

    Unpopular opinions re live shows

    I can't argue with any of these points!
  2. This alternate source is now available in all the usual places Again, special thanks to gbauer for taping, finding the tapes and circulating them in the first place!
  3. Nutrocker

    Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    "When you're drunk, you don't play bad, you just play really slow!" - Neil Young
  4. Nutrocker

    Next Soundboard Release

    Indeed, outside of one of the "Missing Seven" 1977 shows a soundboard for one of the shows with bad-to-mediocre audience tapes would be welcome...
  5. Nutrocker

    Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    IMO the best version for the 28-2-75 show is the "12th Gen" audience recording Freezer had let out before he died (obviously the "12th gen" is a joke, it likely came from his safety copy or something). Google is yer friend there, or the usual suspect torrent sites.
  6. Nutrocker

    Tom Petty

    Sigh...now it's official...RIP Tom! http://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/tom-petty-dead-1.4317148
  7. Nutrocker

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Give 'em a listen. Like i said, other than "Achilles" Tempe isn't that bad of a performance (Plant's voice is the real wink link on the night), Greensboro is half decent as well. Let's put it this way: there are worse performances on the 1980 tour IMO than Tempe or Greensboro.
  8. Nutrocker

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Yeah, I think it's pretty safe to say that the Tempe "Achilles" is the blue ribbon winner for Zeppelin's single worst live performance (the rest of the gig- at least based on the incomplete audience tape we have- isn't that bad) That flash pot going off near Jimmy must have been one helluva bang. It sounds like the entire band was thrown off kilter by it, not just Page. They do bounce back nicely for a good long version of "Stairway" right after though.
  9. Fucking amazing how stuff like this can still pop up out of the blue fourty years after the fact, eh? Listening to this source now...it doesn't seem to sound that bad...I mean, if this was one of the missing seven '77 shows instead, based on the sound quality we'd all be happier than pigs in poop right now! And, yeah, the audience sounds absolutely fuckin' bonkers. No wonder Zeppelin considered L.A. a second home.
  10. I want to say that there's a bootleg of the June 22 show -done before the actual June 22 "Ten Years Gone" tape source appeared- that used the entire track from that June 21 alternate. Undoubtedly more of that source exists, but why would anyone want to listen to it more than once? It sounds like shit IMO, good only for patching the cut in Millard's source, like Winston did.
  11. Nutrocker


    Walter Becker's final performance, Greenwich CT, 27 May 2017:
  12. Nutrocker


    If you liked 70's Dan -particularly Aja and Gaucho- you'd probably like The Nightfly, Fagen's first solo album. It's basically a Becker-less Steely Dan album (same musicians, sound, producer etc). As for the two SD "reunion" albums, they're alright, a little bit too smooth in places maybe- you can lash together an album on par with their 70's stuff by taking the best songs off of Two Against Nature and Everything Must Go.
  13. Nutrocker

    Best matrices aside from Four Blocks in the Snow?

    I swear by Sound Forge when it comes to tweaking audio.
  14. Nutrocker

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    ^^^ Absolutely irreplaceable. This means the end for Steely Dan once and for all. Fagen on his own is one thing (The Nightfly is a classic just as good as any of the actual Steely Dan albums) but Becker gave the music a certain edge.
  15. Nutrocker


    This is fucking devastating...my wife and I both love the Dan. Becker was a great guitarist- in spite of all the great Skunk, Carlton, Randall etc guitar solos on the albums Becker still got his licks in- "Black Friday", "Bad Sneakers", "Home At Last" to name a few. It was sad to see how he'd deteriorated near the end there, waddling to the microphone, noodling guitar solos all over the place. Hate to say it, but when I got the news (no pun intended) today about Walter's passing I wasn't really surprised. Shit, like so many others the fuckin' guy shoulda been dead fourty years ago... RIP Walter Becker. RIP Steely Dan, 'cos you can't have the Dan without Becker. Becker and Fagen were the American Lennon/McCartney.