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  1. And now it's gone for good, looks like...
  2. The looseness of the Southampton gig is what has always appealed to me about that show as well, and I still think they should have put it out instead of How The West Was Won.
  3. Like I say, the thing still sounds good. Admittedly in our enthusiasm over the project I may have overhyped the quality (objectively the "Out Of The Way" source is the best Birmingham recording) but I still reckon yers to be on par with the "Dixie" recording: I got my "Dixie" used (I can't remember what I paid for it), no certificate of authenticityπŸ˜† I believe I used the long pre-concert intro on there to add to Jabe's Birmingham recording. Of course better sounding 1st gen copies of Terry Coppage's recording have come into circulation since "Dixie" was released ("better" being relative in this case, it's still a fairly distant recording; Jabe's is closer to the stage)
  4. "Scarlet"...I wish they'd left the thing instrumental, Mick's seventy year old vocals on fourty year old backing tracks is wearing kinda thin for me now. As far as Stones/Page collaborations go, give me "One Hit To The Body" over "Scarlet" any day.
  5. Yeah, like I said, as much as I'm a big a Stones fan as a Zeppelin fan, IMO the Stones really are just too much of an 'acquired taste' for many people to be huge record sellers. As far as making big money off of touring I think Mick was always jealous as hell of Peter Grant's whole 70/30 split or whatever it was- probably thinking, "Shit, I wish I'd come up with that!"πŸ˜† And as for the songwriting, well, that's why the Glimmer Twins have fucked so many other real collaborators over over the years, they don't like sharing the bucks. Ron Wood got a total of ten songwriting credits in his 45 year tenure, the last being on Dirty Work, thirty five years ago. If Mick 'n Keith were being completely honest, by my own estimation Mick Taylor should have gotten at least half a dozen or so in addition to "Ventilator Blues": "Sway, "Moonlight Mile", "Winter", "Till The Next Goodbye", "Time Waits For No One"- tracks where I can actually hear Taylor's compositional style there not to mention how he really was an active collaborator with Jagger when Keith was too out of it to show up. MT knew this, it's a large part of why he quit the Stones in such the "fuck you" manner he did (three days before they started recording Black And Blue).
  6. "In The Evening" "Darlene" "Fool In The Rain" "Ozone Baby" "Carouselambra" "All My Love" "Wearing And Tearing"
  7. For 1980 I'd toss the Berlin audience recording in there- the best of the sources sounds pretty damn good.
  8. I still think that's a half decent recording yer brother, if I remember correctly, captured.
  9. Besides, at this point, it's like the old saying- "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."πŸ˜† We all know the stories.
  10. Yes- I constantly have to flip a coin over whether June 10th or 11th is my favourite of the MSG '77 shows...I did a June 10 mix using Source 2 as the basis with source 1 filling in the gaps as well, sounds pretty good. The third source is pretty much useless for anything, simply based on how chopped up the tape is and the annoying tapers.
  11. Yeah, the Stones were never huge record sellers compared to some of the other 70's acts. And for some reason even six million US copies sold of Some Girls seems like low numbers- as I recall that fucking album was huge when it came out in '78, it saved the Stones' career for sure. I reckon their mid 70's "Junkie Music" period (as Keith called GHS, IORR and Black And Blue) put together probably sold as many copies as Physical Graffiti did. Or maybe not...
  12. I think the most common June 10 source is the "Artie" recording. The other two June 10 sources seem to have been taped by 'unknowns'. But not one of them got a complete "No Quarter"...
  13. Heh, I grabbed a couple of JGB shows with Nicky Hopkins- 19 December and 17 October '75. Pretty good stuff, bit of a different context than regular Dead.
  14. I agree with every word of this, though, and it only reinforces my belief that they should have stuck with "How Many More Times" in the set in '75 in place of the mothworn "Dazed And Confused".
  15. Goddamn...I remember watching that show back in '89 on Much Music (back when Much Music, like MTV, still relied on MUSIC related content!). If memory serves the current POTUS introduced the Stones that night (they were playing Trump's venue, after all). I wonder if given the current political climate if they'll cut out The Donald's intro...πŸ˜†
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