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  1. Ha, it's the bootleg CD version of some of the old green label "Capitol Reissue" LP's I have where the cover has the reissue matrix yet you can still see the original issue matrix in the runoff grooves, same old unsold records with new labels slapped on 'em, probably 😂
  2. Yeah, I'm more versed in the '75-'80 period. My pick is also a bit of a running joke as I'm constantly praising that second Cleveland gig😂
  3. Well, seven '77 shows are missing commonly circulating recordings. Over the years, in addition to Freezer's infamous Baton Rouge tape, I've been told Indianapolis was taped as well (a story I've told here before). Fakes of Dallas and St Louis have also been passed off utilizing the crappy May 25 Landover audience tapes. Freezer taped that one as well, and gave it to the head of the traders den site along with his Baton Rouge '77 recording to be uploaded back in 2008. Of course neither show ended up being uploaded when representatives from the now defunct TCOLZ label found out and leaked the news they were about to come out. I was the guy who tipped Freezer and Lynne off about the leak and they did NOT want another "Freezers Revenge" brouhaha to break out on the site... I find it hard to believe nobody taped Dallas '77 either. I likewise have a hard time swallowing that there was only ONE FUCKING TAPER in the Pontiac Silverdome on April 30 out of 76000 punters (and, no, let's not get tripped off on the goddamn mythical Pontiac video...😂) See above about the fate of the Baton Route recording. And I KNOW Freezer gave a few copies out, dammit. And, no, I wasn't one of the lucky few...
  4. It'll be impossible to nail down but these things can make for lively discussions😂 My personal vote, naturally, would likely be Cleveland, April 28, 1977. Don't sound too surprised, people😂
  5. If the Baton Rouge show was anywhere near as good as the show in Birmingham the night before, the Red Stickers got lucky in 1977.
  6. Unless, of course, you want to know just how sleazy and underhanded some Zep tape collectors can be. Then those "Freezer" threads at the Den are very educational! Why so disparaging, Sticks? Were you one of the guilty parties involved in this NOLA '73 tape saga back in 2006?
  7. Join up at the trader's den -it's free- and read all about it...
  8. Incredibly, twelve and a half years later, the original "Freezer's Revenge" torrent at the trader's den -with all the drama it entailed- is still available 😄 A transfer from the man's own master tape, like his "12th Gen" version of '75 Baton Rouge show, can't beat that. It is a sloppy show kinda, but just the story behind how these tapes got out is a fucking classic.
  9. I have resurrected this recording and done a bit more work on it now. Man, it was hissy! 😆 Little bit of noise reduction and re-equalization in Sound Forge 13 (love that program!) helped there.
  10. I put this alt source up at dyme if anybody cares😅
  11. Remember back when Freezer had his "12th Gen" version of the '75 Baton Rouge recording uploaded and they originally included a sample from the '71 tape ("Immigrant Song", if memory serves)- said torrent was pulled at Dime and the DEN they weren't happy with Freezer's lineage claims on the '71 source sample. Hell, Freezer told me in the summer of 2008 that he had intended to share out the '71 recording in addition to the '77 Baton Rouge tape but when the TCOLZ people heard the '77 tape might be coming out he thought twice on the '71. Those tapes indeed exist, gentlemen- buried in either the huge "Where do these new sources?" or "Freezer's Revenge" threads at the Den Freezer and a couple of his buddies actually discuss some of the Plantations heard on the '77 tape. I'd be willing to bet maybe only a dozen people -if that- have those recordings directly from Freezer, including the head moderator at the Trader's Den site. And after all these years those recordings are STILL under wraps to the masses... But consider that it took almost ten years or so since this Cleveland alternate source was first mentioned on AA's site for it to be shared out publicly.
  12. Howdy, Strider...yeah, been busy with real life shit but stumbling across this Cleveland recording after all these years got my attention, as any 'new' 1977 goodie will 🤣 So lemme get this straight: in spite of AA having this recording listed on his site for years it was only released to the public (to a limited degree) late last year? And it was supposedly another one of these dealy-o's where it was supposed to be kept under wraps or no more uncirculated tapes from the taper? I am getting a distinct sense of déjà vu here... 😂
  13. Correct on all fronts. The business with AA and the TCOLZ label was ten years ago now, water under the bridge, as is the whole kerfuffle over Freezer's Baton Rouge tape. Hell, I've been outta the loop these last few months, so I was surprised to discover the Cleveland alt source was finally making the rounds to a certain degree, damn right I grabbed it, been wanting to hear that puppy for years😄 For sure it hasn't appeared on dime or anyplace like that, though. I should toss it up there, if I can remember how to upload a fucking torrent😄
  14. Nutrocker


    ...And gee, only took me almost five years to track down the fucking thing! 😄And it was worth it!
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