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  1. Strider was actually there, man, one of the lucky ones around these parts who doesn't just have to relive the tour vicariously through old recordings 43 years after the fact!
  2. It's what happens when you actually put in a little bit of legwork and digging, instead of just sitting round the forum discussing the merits of the LA '77 shows for the umpteenth time or arguing about what fucking blouse Plant was wearing on a given night😆 Stuff like this old film footage or audience tapes still popping up after all these years are what collectors like myself thrive on.
  3. Now all we need is for a recording to turn up...
  4. I'll tell ya what, though, JPJ's 8 string Alembic comes across a helluva lot better on the audience tapes than Greg Lake's does on the '77/'78 ELP shows...twangety twang twang twang...😄 At least with Jones you can hear actual notes being played and not just a bunch of metallic sounding clicks that are supposed to be a bass line...
  5. Not gonna lie- as nice as it is that these tapes are still popping up out of the blue after all these years, I listened to that Louisville alt once and into the Recycle Bin it went😄 "Mess" is an understatement. Use the thing to patch the gap in ALS and then bin the rest IMO...
  6. I admit this new Detroit '73 tape was a far more enjoyable listen than that chopped up, distorted mess of a Louisville '77 alt source...😄
  7. I would imagine Mike Millard was well aware of his stature among the fans and collectors, and from what I understand about the guy his reaction was decidedly Freezeresque- those guys hated seeing other people making money off their recordings...not just Zeppelin, but the umpteen Stones, Yes, Dylan etc shows they taped as well. We may kiss Millard's ass posthumously, but I bet it'd be different story if the guy was still around and active within the online live music trading community in 2020...
  8. The main issues with this second Louisville source are how the recording levels are set too high- major distortion on the drums and low end. If the taper actually knew what the fuck they were doing this tape would sound damned good. The quieter bits and the acoustic set sound alright. A fair bit of cuts are evident as well- for example "No Quarter" is about the first six minutes of the piece, it cuts off at the beginning of JPJ's piano solo (D'OH!). Safe to say if the first source didn't exist we'd all be pretty chuffed right now but as it is this second source pales in comparison to Louisville source one, which actually sounds pretty decent. IMO this second source doesn't really hold up for repeated listens, as an alternate it's alright, but other than that... Best thing about this second Louisville '77 source appearing it that it just goes to show hitherto uncirculated tapes are still out there...we may still get one or two of the Missing Seven '77 shows yet.
  9. Shit, I've been listening to live recordings more or less exclusively for the past six months or so...I can't remember the last time I played a "studio" album by anyone, Zep or otherwise. And I freely admit, given this Covid 19 era world we live in now, where the idea of gathering 20000 people in a hockey arena or 80000 in a football arena for a concert almost seems like a thing of the past, it's been kinda bittersweet listening to all this live stuff. "'Live Music Is Better!' bumper stickers should be issued!" -Neil Young
  10. Yeah...for the umpteenth time, even based on that mediocre incomplete audience tape Tempe isn't that bad- the only real cock ups are Plant's voice being fucked during the acoustic set (forcing him to drop all the high parts an octave which sounds really bad) and Page being way off on "Achilles Last Stand". That said, the band themselves knew it was an off night in front of a crazy, Louisville-type audience, hence the lack of encores- Zeppelin just wanted to get the fuck outta Dodge after that gig, and you can't blame them.
  11. Are you the infamous Ed Ortiz, perchance, who's Tempe review made Dave Lewis' Concert Files book?
  12. Or Freezer's, for that matter- I mean, his 2/28/75 audience tape sounds so good, who gives a flying fuck about the soundboard? IMO a good audience tape will beat a drier than stale melba toast soundboard tape ANY ol' day of the week...
  13. Like the man said, cocaine's a helluva drug.
  14. This one's better...Freezer's September 16 '71 ABB recording. I reckon his NOLA '71 Zep show sounds as good as this.
  15. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/hoDk3QMet70
  16. I swear there are live versions of "Trampled" were Robert seems to sing one, maybe two verses over and over again😅. I'm exaggerating to prove a point, of course- it's like Plant neglected a verse or two in "Trampled Under Foot" on any given night between '75 and '80...I wonder why?
  17. Ya know what, I haven't even had a chance to listen to them yet...ah, so much music, so little time!😆
  18. Isn't it always?😆 Looking at that song list makes me want to cry...I've wanted an early '75 show in soundboard for years and it looks like the only way we're gonna get this one is in dribs and drabs...never ceases to annoy me, these types of tape games...
  19. As a bit of an aside, does anybody know what the hell's the story behind these "uncirculated" Yardbirds tapes that have popped up here, there and everywhere since yesterday?😀 I grabbed 'em, haven't listened to them yet...
  20. Always amusing to see that the type of bullshit fuckarounds that always permeated the Led Zeppelin trading community still occur. And this Minneapolis '75 business smells like a classic LZ trader fuckaround to me.
  21. Oh, Freezer could rant it up with the best of 'em, obviously, he liked that Bobby Heenan persona😅 In private conversation though, totally different species. Especially when I made it clear that I respected his work (and him), he'd already given more than his share to the live music trading community and he in fact was the taper of the first bootleg I ever bought (Stones Baton Rouge '75, double LP). I miss the guy, and Trader's Den sure as hell hasn't been the same since he passed on. Shit, inadvertedly Freezer is the reason I became a member both here and at Royal Orleans. He asked me privately to try and find out who told the old TCOLZ label his LZ Baton Rouge '77 recording was coming out, which of course led me here and the Hotel. It took some digging but the culprits were eventually uncovered...
  22. Honestly, Steve, the last Stones video I actually paid attention to was probably "Mixed Emotions" thirty years ago😅 Most Stones promo videos are awful, almost as a rule..."It's Only Rock And Roll" with the sailor suits and soapsuds, anyone?😅
  23. I know the feeling- my aunt and uncle were going to take me to see Zeppelin in Seattle in '77 but my folks put the kibosh on the idea, I was only nine at the time😆 When I put up all those Freezer recordings on Dime and at Trader's Den earlier this summer I actually listened to this '73 NOLA gig (Freezer's audience tape, of course) for maybe the second or third time ever in its entirety (I've never heard the board tape). Yeah...it's pretty fuckin' bad in places😆 but as you can tell from the audience tape they were playing with the houselights on for whatever reason. It seems like one of those shows like Louisville '77 where the band were distracted by whatever was going on in the audience etc, on top of how out of it Robert and Jimmy were on the night😆 The fuss surrounding Freezer's recording of this show vastly outweighs its significance as a performance. And the original "Freezer's Revenge" torrent is still up and running, and I skimmed through that whole fucking dialogue -and others- to glean what information I could find Freezer actually gave out amongst all the trolling and taunting regarding his recordings. There are some funny comments in those Den threads but I still sorta felt like I needed to take a shower when I was done reading all that crap.
  24. And now it's gone for good, looks like...
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