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  1. Better than 3/25/75 would have been, certainly.
  2. It is, but unfortunately neither of the 4/10/77 audience recordings are very good (or complete). Oh well, maybe some day...
  3. The West Coast March '75 "No Quarters" where Jones and Bonham send the jam off in a jazz direction are the best for '75 IMO, especially March 19 and 25th. You have to hear the 6/11/77 "No Quarter", absolutely killer version. There is NO bad version of "No Quarter".
  4. I so wanted Dave to do a book on the '77 tour along the lines of his book on the 1980 tour...I reckon this is as close as we're gonna get on that score, probably. Me want. IMO those huge "Stories Behind The Songs" books -I've read the Zeppelin, Stones, Floyd and Beatles ones- are by and large terrible, okay to pass the time, I suppose, but not the most accurate tomes out there to say the least. No question, the Hoskyns Zep book is the one yet to be topped (I will always give a shout out to Keith Shadwick's book as well). Let's see how this upcoming Bob Spitz Zeppelin bio turns out, his Beatles book was excellent, probably the best all round straight biography on the group I've read (and I've probably read 'em all). I will imagine he'll give Zep the same treatment.
  5. That March 25/75 "No Quarter" kicks ass, arguably the best of the 'jazzy' versions- JPJ switches back to the Rhodes from the Grand piano halfway through Page's solo and lays down some Herbie Hancockesque shit for sure. The Earls Court NQ's IMO are boring compared to those late March jazz excursions...
  6. Was it as good for you as it was for me?πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  7. Cheers, Walter. You may recall a period a couple years back when I was more or less incommunicado within the community, that's when I was dealing with the missus. As for finally busting Zepster/AA, like I say, after all these years I feel vindicated now, feels pretty good!πŸ˜„ And FWIW I don't buy a goddamn word about the shit AA is supposedly hoarding. Christ, he used to accuse me of hoarding Freezer's Baton Rouge '77 recording, now all of sudden he has it? I think not.
  8. I'm sure AA/Zepster would look at it as falling on the sword rather than shooting himself in the foot...either way, after thirteen years of trying to get the bastard to come clean and out himself, I feel vindicated now.
  9. What a sad, pathetic little man you are, AA. Absolutely NO justice in this world when cancer can take my wife yet an immoral, unethical shitbag like YOU still roams the Earth. At least I've gotten you to come clean and finally ADMIT yer nothing but a bootlegging shill.
  10. I really don't think AA/Zepster gives a fuck about ethics. He's been working with bootleg companies for years, decades, probably. It's just what he does, ain't gonna stop, all we can do is ignore the bootlegging bastard.
  11. I am quite sure Sam knows who you really are as well, AA. Like I said, yer not fooling ANYBODY.
  12. It ain't slander if it's true, AA- everybody here at .com, Royal Orleans and Dogs Of Doom KNOWS that "Zepster1979" and "Argenteum Astrum" are one and the motherfucking same! How long do you plan on keeping up this pathetic facade, AA? Does making money off of Led Zeppelin recordings really mean that much to you? Is it yer only source of income? Remember, pal, you've been on my personal shitlist for thirteen years for how you fucked up Freezer's Baton Rouge '77 tape coming out- if I live to be 100 I will never let you live that down. Give it up, yer alias isn't fooling ANYBODY. No matter what alias you post under, AA, yer name has been mud within the Zeppelin community for over a decade. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
  13. Or something like Yes' Tales From Topographic Oceans tour, where EVERY song was an epic (the four Oceans pieces themselves are 20 mins each)...short attention spans need not apply!
  14. Here's a fine version that came out in the last couple of years, matrixing the 'best' audience sources, plus the added bonus of the three soundboard tracks and a few selections from an alternate audience source: https://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/led-zeppelin/led-zeppelin-pleeease-lord-fourth-night-at-the-garden-graf-zeppelin-lzsc-611a-b-c-d/ 6/11/77...best "No Quarter" of the entire fucking tour, in my not so 'umble opinion...
  15. A few months back a fresh master transfer was made of the classic cut-in-between-songs 4/28/77 recording, overseen by Andy Winston (of Winston Remasters fame) himself. There is also an alternate source recording of the show that finally surfaced among the general public a year or so back (it was being hoarded up till then); the alternate is almost as good as the main source and is more complete (i.e. not cut between songs, has the ending of "No Quarter" etc). There's also a matrix version that uses the alternate to patch the main source...can't go wrong with any of those ones!
  16. I imagine the Noise Solos were kind of a "You had to be there" kind of thing (as eyewitnesses like Strider have said). Something definitely gets lost in translation when listening back on an audience tape fourty odd years after the fact. And yeah, "Star Wars" must have been huge in '77, Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson both started liberally throwing in "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters" quotes in some of their keyboard solos in that period.
  17. $42 bucks, eh? That's about what I paid per ticket for Pink Floyd in '94...26 years on you could probably stick a "1" in front of that 42.
  18. Strider was actually there, man, one of the lucky ones around these parts who doesn't just have to relive the tour vicariously through old recordings 43 years after the fact!
  19. It's what happens when you actually put in a little bit of legwork and digging, instead of just sitting round the forum discussing the merits of the LA '77 shows for the umpteenth time or arguing about what fucking blouse Plant was wearing on a given nightπŸ˜† Stuff like this old film footage or audience tapes still popping up after all these years are what collectors like myself thrive on.
  20. Now all we need is for a recording to turn up...
  21. I'll tell ya what, though, JPJ's 8 string Alembic comes across a helluva lot better on the audience tapes than Greg Lake's does on the '77/'78 ELP shows...twangety twang twang twang...πŸ˜„ At least with Jones you can hear actual notes being played and not just a bunch of metallic sounding clicks that are supposed to be a bass line...
  22. Not gonna lie- as nice as it is that these tapes are still popping up out of the blue after all these years, I listened to that Louisville alt once and into the Recycle Bin it wentπŸ˜„ "Mess" is an understatement. Use the thing to patch the gap in ALS and then bin the rest IMO...
  23. I admit this new Detroit '73 tape was a far more enjoyable listen than that chopped up, distorted mess of a Louisville '77 alt source...πŸ˜„
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