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  1. Hey.. just wanted to say thanks for the kind compliments about my artwork:) It really means a lot, and I'm glad you enjoyed taking a look around at my stuff. And thanks for the virtual hug, haha.

    Oh, and yep, that's me playing the guitar. So yours is a Yamaha too? The one I am playing in the picture is actually one my mom bought in the late 70s:)

  2. You're welcome:) And I hope you take a pic once you've drawn his face on;) Good luck with it! Cute. I'd say that's definitely a first Although I'm wondering how exactly Jimmy is going to play his guitar.. unless he has vines for arms Actually.. I guess that goes for all of them, haha. It's cute though, I like it:) I like them:) Especially the one on the bottom. That must have taken quite a bit of patience to do the detail work. That'd be great, if it's not too much trouble:) If anything, I'd just love to see how you go about making them. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.. I've been interested in trying to piece together some sort of doll out of nick-knacks for a while now! Maybe I could get some ideas from your method:)
  3. Thanks Diana:) The lips are my favorite part about this drawing too;) I managed to achieve the shiny, glassy sort of look I was trying to achieve. Which is surprising.. seeing as the drawing is actually about 4 x 4 1/2 inches or so in real life (my scanner enlarged it though, so that's why it's so big on here). I'd say it probably took me about an hour to two hours to work on this (I got distracted several times.. so I'm not exactly sure). You know.. I was actually tired when I started to work on this too.. (I'm tired a lot, which is not so good for my artistic motivation:P).. but listening to some Zep while working on this helped me to wake right up I hope you'll share your drawing if you decide to do one:) Don't work too hard;)
  4. And thanks Aen:) I'm glad you liked Rob's eyes.
  5. A little sketch of Jimmy I drew today.. just to try out some colored paper. It's not highly finished.. but I'm happy with it:)
  6. Hey thanks Diana Yep, they're Robert's:) I thought the two in the middle capture his likeness the most as well.
  7. Hi Penguie! I like your drawings a lot.. they have a lot of character to them:) And I love your Robert doll! It's adorable.. and you did so well sewing the clothes. You know.. I think he looks cute just the way he is.. whether or not you decide to draw a face on him;) I hope you'll continue to share your work.. I love it:)
  8. Some cropped images of each individual study..
  9. Hey everyone.. It's been ages since I've stopped in here! I'm glad to see the Zep drawing thread has been going strong:) I have been seeing some beautiful works from you guys.. please keep it up:) I thought I'd share this eye study I drew recently .. guess which Zep boy they belong to Don't ask me why I drew them one on top of the other, instead of side by side.. I don't know It just happened that way, and I thought it looked sort of neat:)
  10. Thank you so much:) I'd love to see a mural from you. Mine is going to take A LOT of blue paint.. it's going to be a sort of 'imaginary' scene from 'The Song Remains the Same' concert video. I'll have to mix-match a bunch of different still images together, in order to paint a full-body scene. I'm mostly using the Stairway to Heaven footage for reference, hence the very blue lighting. But there really aren't many good full-body shots of Robert during that scene, so I'm kind of just mix-matching to see what I come up with. It should be interesting!
  11. Thanks so much:) No need to be jealous though. I bet you're artistic in your own unique way. Just have confidence in your taste and passion for art, and the technical skills will come to you in time, if you keep at it. Just be patient, and observant, and always make sure to keep things interesting, and fresh. That's what I've come to realize. I'm always learning, and will continue to do so for a long time.
  12. Happy birthday Robert! This is a mural sort of thing I've begun painting "on" my wall. I plan to paint the entire band, and hope to create the illusion that the stage is receding back into my wall. I'm going to cover my whole wall with those panels, and then hopefully Zep will be jamming out in my room, in time:P I have a lot of details to work on. I'm just positioning right now. His head's a little big.. I need to fix that..
  13. It was mostly the "Happy birthday Mr. President.." that threw me off
  14. I really like those drawings Ledtronulsja! The colors are so bright. Let me guess.. the ones on the graph paper were drawn during math class? (I used to doodle all of the time, too ). And I still like to:) Keep it up.. I'd love to see more. They're so imaginative. Oh and I love the Sharpie tattoos too
  15. Hahaha! Oh that is so wrong
  16. I love the far-off look in this one. Great job (although I've told you so already )
  17. Thank you. I'm definitely looking for ways to branch out. I've been looking at the options the internet offers too.. Maybe I could get something going someday with commissions, or sell some of my pieces online. I know I still have a long way to go with my skills.. but I'm trying to look into the future as I progress. I guess I'm trying to weasel my way around college, and go straight into the field by way of commissions, word of mouth, etc. Maybe it'll hit me some day that the plan isn't working out.. but until then, that's what I'm hoping for. So for right now my main intention is to first acquire the skills I desire, and then see where I can take my art once I have a collection of pieces that I consider to be of good quality.
  18. A rushed drawing of younger Jimmy. There are a lot of trouble spots.. but I think it looks all right up close. The likeness isn't exactly perfect either.. oh well. I call this one "Mona Jimmy", because his expression reminds me of the Mona Lisa..very calm and enigmatic..
  19. Well I love it just how it is. I don't think it needs perfecting I really do like it.
  20. Haa...well.. thanks so much!:)

  21. ^^Yeah it would.. Man, I wish it was bigger...
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