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  1. Just bought this - thanks, Sam - and thought I should let you know that the whole magazine isn't devoted to Zeppelin ... it's actually about a dozen pages. It IS good stuff though. I'm probably not as familiar as some here with the details on the band but it does look as if a lot of the photos might be new. There are compilations of quotes that I've read before but that's balanced by what mostly seems to be new pieces (Eddie Kramer, Nick Kent). I haven't had the chance to read it yet but just thought you might want to know that the magazine is about the music of 1969 rather than just Led Zeppe
  2. Danny - maybe it was The Creation. Here's a (mimed) clip of I know they were more popular on the continent than in Britain. An additional Led Zep connection was singer Kenny Pickett who apparently was a roadie for LZ, at least that's what I read.
  3. Just found this ... an archive of Who interviews including a lot of '70s material. In PDF format. thewhoinprint blog
  4. Early clip of Jimi as sideman "Shotgun" Memphis 1965. Great version of Purple Haze from Hamburg 1967. Audio only and he mixes up some of the lyrics but powerful performance and great sound quality. Purple Haze.
  5. Download free e-book on "Revolver" in PDF format here
  6. Here's a great clip: High Numbers at the Railway Tavern 1964
  7. Forgot to mention that there is also a 2CD set of "The Who Sell Out" due in early 2009. It's supposed to be stereo and mono versions plus the bonus tracks from the 1995 remaster and some additional unreleased stuff from that period. Don't know any more than that at the mo.
  8. Further to the Kilburn DVD - As far as I can tell the footage from the Coliseum 1969 is split into two parts because there are two separate film sources ... the better quality source will make up the 'main' Coliseum feature and the bonus Tommy sequence will comprise of a slightly grainier source. I think the idea was to keep them separate for aesthetic reasons as they couldn't restore the Tommy footage to the standard of the non-Tommy footage. Some tracks appear to be on both parts so maybe they have two sources for those tracks. The main Coliseum feature should be as least as good as Yo
  9. See link for info about forthcoming release of "The Who At Kilburn 1977" 2 DVD set. Due for November release. It'll also include part of a 1969 show from the London Coliseum. Kilburn 1977 - I Can't Explain, Substitute, Baba O'Riley, My Wife/Going Mobile, Behind Blue Eyes, Dreaming from the Waist, Pinball Wizard, I'm Free, Tommy's Holiday Camp, Summertime Blues, Shakin' All Over, My Generation, Join Together, Who Are You, Won't Get Fooled Again London Coliseum 1969 - Heaven and Hell, I Can't Explain, Fortune Teller, Tattoo, Young Man Blues, A Quick One While He's Away, Happy Jack, I'm a B
  10. Nice posts everyone. Don't know if this has been posted elsewhere but there's an absorbing interview with Ahmet at the following link. He was a real raconteur. I haven't watched The House That Ahmet Built but hope to soon. Ahmet Ertegun interview
  11. Thanks, Evster, for that list. I've been messing around a little bit with tunings in recent years and thought the following might be of interest ... have to say it was quite enlightening when I grasped it. In a nutshell a lot of the commonly used alternate tunings are interrelated anyway. Let's take 'open G' or DGDGBD for starters - if you look at the open strings and assign them a number according to scale tone in the open strummed chord then it would be (assigning '1' as the root, '3' as major third etc.) then open-G, low-to-high, would be ... 5, 1, 5, 1, 3, 5. Then do the same for 'op
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