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    Led Zeppelin, I guess.<br /><br />But when I don`t listen music, I read, write poems or meet friends(mainly to listen to Led Zeppelin together)
  1. Zepnatics Followship of the Zeppelin Led Zeppelinists
  2. There were from an old english poem mentioned in Dead Poet's Society, but I'd have to look up to find out who wrote it.

  3. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

    Old time is still a flying:

    And this same flower that smiles today,

    Tomorrow will be dying.

    Just wanted to know who wrote these lyrics, they're amazing!

  4. She was amzing the way she is
  5. Im Ruhrgebiet, aber ich komme eigentlich gar nicht mehr hier hin, weils mir hier von den Leuten her nicht so gut gefällt, sorry.

  6. HI :) Wo in Deutschland lebst du denn?

  7. Of those you posted I'd pick Thank You and Satirway, but my fave one definitely is Battle of Evermore
  8. I totally agree, but almost any Zep song is underrated that not is getting played on radio or music television.
  9. Yeah, it simply was amazing there, we've been to Bronnoysund, a town quite in the middle of the country. What is a jam jar? Marmelade?
  10. Hardly anyone voted for Friends though it is an amazing song
  11. Good point, Babe I'm Gonna Leave you is my second choice next to Thank You, that is my favourite love song of all.
  12. Yeah, in my dreams Have you ever been out drinking a beer with one of your teachers while you still were a student? We once made a brewery visit with one of our teachery cause we dealed with alcohole in chemistry, and it was funnny....
  13. The sun is hinig, and I'm happy And a good friend will visit me tomorrow
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