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  1. Zepnatics Followship of the Zeppelin Led Zeppelinists
  2. There were from an old english poem mentioned in Dead Poet's Society, but I'd have to look up to find out who wrote it.

  3. I read somewhere that Robert calls Ramble On his baby from the second LP.
  4. That is realy a cute bird I have two lovely whippets, amle and female. The male one lifed in a tiny smelly garage before we got him and was beaten by his former owner. Now he fortunalety has found a better home where he can lye on the couch and everybody loves him.
  5. My very first try, i was fiveteen, and that one was inspired by a trip to Hastings, a small english town right to the coast: I wish I`d be a seagull Just the sea and me I wish I`d be a seagul I`d be totally free My wings would take me everywhere, Nothing I`d need to care about Not just one tiny little doubt Torturing my head I`d just fly with the coastwinds, Far, far away (2x) I wish I`d be a seagull Just the sea and me I wish I`d be a seagull I`d be totally free The strong blowing winds would keep my mind clear Nobody´s annoying, nobody comes near And the only thing t
  6. She was amzing the way she is
  7. Well, maybe they don't know how to fuck yet. And sexting doesn't need condoms or the parents out of the house. But I'd actually prefer "real" sex to any kind of so called sexting. But haven't done both yet.
  8. That one is simply amazing It made my day
  9. If therevreally is, it's a coincidence. People are used to see and hear things where there are none.
  10. There are so many musicians who left this world much to early, why don't bring them all back, of course including Bonzo.
  11. Tea For One depresses me, I'm Gonna Crawl simply is a song I dislike for no particular reason. Four Sticks somehow also is depressing, not a bad song, but I don't like it either.
  12. HI :) Wo in Deutschland lebst du denn?

  13. A few of the songs already mentioned were on the Mothership dvd, like Miysty Mounatain Hop, Moby Dick, In My Time Of Dying and Going to California. But there are still Friends and Battle of Evermore missing.
  14. The congenius Battle of Evermore
  15. Of those you posted I'd pick Thank You and Satirway, but my fave one definitely is Battle of Evermore
  16. I like 1970 the most, on the Royal obert Hall performances he looks great, but I picked 68-69, cause in 1972 he had a beard.
  17. Hard choice... I was thinking of wether No Quarter or Achilles Last Stand is the best, but I picked No Quarter
  18. Maybe it also was the elements they combined, how nobody else did. The weren't limited to one style, and they were good at every style they were making.
  19. Led Zeppelin were more inventors of hard rock then of heavy metal, but they were and still are an high influential band. There's no deny in their influnce on rock music, many bands refer theirselves to Led Zeppelin. I recently read an interview with the Canadian punkrockband Billy Talent, who said of theirselves to be "a punkrockband, that loves Led Zeppelin".
  20. I totally agree, but almost any Zep song is underrated that not is getting played on radio or music television.
  21. Yeah, it simply was amazing there, we've been to Bronnoysund, a town quite in the middle of the country. What is a jam jar? Marmelade?
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