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  1. Zepnatics Followship of the Zeppelin Led Zeppelinists
  2. There were from an old english poem mentioned in Dead Poet's Society, but I'd have to look up to find out who wrote it.

  3. She was amzing the way she is
  4. HI :) Wo in Deutschland lebst du denn?

  5. Of those you posted I'd pick Thank You and Satirway, but my fave one definitely is Battle of Evermore
  6. I totally agree, but almost any Zep song is underrated that not is getting played on radio or music television.
  7. Yeah, it simply was amazing there, we've been to Bronnoysund, a town quite in the middle of the country. What is a jam jar? Marmelade?
  8. Hardly anyone voted for Friends though it is an amazing song
  9. Good point, Babe I'm Gonna Leave you is my second choice next to Thank You, that is my favourite love song of all.
  10. Yeah, in my dreams Have you ever been out drinking a beer with one of your teachers while you still were a student? We once made a brewery visit with one of our teachery cause we dealed with alcohole in chemistry, and it was funnny....
  11. The sun is hinig, and I'm happy And a good friend will visit me tomorrow
  12. Half of my family looks like Led Zeppelin members; my twinbrother looks like a teenage Robert and both are lefthanded, and my cousin like a teenage JPJ, and both play piano
  13. How can I post a picture? It simply doesn't work
  14. I really do ask myself why so many aren't Theatre is always enjoyable, no matter if you act on your own or watch a play.
  15. I love theatre I've been in our school acting group for a long time after I had to leave for reasons of that I had no time left. And the best part of our classtrip to England was definitely that we've been to the Shakespeare Globe a magical place Britain's gifts to the world: Shakespeare and led Zeppelin, yeah
  16. Battle Of Evermore is my favourite, I love evrything about it, the misterious lyrics, the mandoline, and it also is my very favourite Zep song next to WLL
  17. I felt from a riding horse for children, does that also count? HYE been woken up at a place you don't know?
  18. I : How Many More Times Babe I'm gonna Leave you II Whole Lotta Love Bring it on Home III Gallow's Pole Friends IV Battle of Evermore Misty Mountain Hop HOTH No Quarter Dancin Days PG IMTOD In the Light Presence Achilles Last Stand Tea for One ITOTD Caroulesembra Hot Dog Coda We're Gonna Groove I can't quit you Babe
  19. HYE theown a party and nobody came? Yeah, my 12th birthday. I invited girls from my class from whom I thought they'd be my friends, but nobody came. :'( It was one of the saddest days of my life and I felt so indredibly bad . HYE defended yourself or others to a teacher who was unfair and mean, and you won, with the your classmates clapping tribune at you ? Or HYE experineced one of your teachers imitating Mr. Keating from Dead Poet's Society, jumping on his desk and wanting you to say "Captain, my Captain!" ?
  20. A friend of mine said, it doesn't matter who is going to sing as long as they play. For her actually Jimmy is the only essence of Led Zep , but I guess anybody else agrees when I say it is disrespecting for the other members who were/are in the band, pick what you like better. Led Zeppelin are the four of them playing together. Jimmy maybe founded that band, but each member of the band was essential. Saying Jimmy is the only essential member also means, you could replace anybody else in the band and still call that Led Zepelin. But that is simply wrong. We better keep the memory of Led Zeppelin alive as they used to be; four young men turning into legends and Gods of Rock. Anything else would be disrespecting.
  21. Pokemon! It really is weird, but I loved it when I was a seven years old.
  22. Yesterday the weather here was really strange, at feisrt thick fog in the morning, than sweetest spring sun in the afternoon.
  23. In Germany Whole Lotta Love even became a Nr#1 single, but Led Zeppelin were more based on albums.
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