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  1. So I'm sure you guys already know about the new Queen + PR track C Lebrity, but for those of you who don't know, or haven't heard it, it's great. And you can check it out on their Imeem. http://www.imeem.com/queen/music/FHCE0R0v/...dgers_clebrity/ Let me know what you guys think? Because I haven't heard Cosmos Rocks yet, it's only out in Europe until Oct 28th. Who has heard it? And what did you think about it? Rock N' Roll Baby Marty UMGD
  2. I know you all out there will love 16 Second Stare. They are a fairly new band and their album came out a few months ago (called: Red Carpet Material). Anyone have the CD? I'm sure you will all love it if you just give it a listen. Let me know what you think and if you agree with me! http://www.myspace.com/16secondstare Marty UMGD
  3. haha you guys are all great! my name is marty and i look forward to seeing u all in the chats!!
  4. haha i like this topic, a little buzz is always nice
  5. Hey I found a new site on the dvd http://www.eaglerockent.com/ecards/ZZTop/index.htm looks like it should be pretty sweet...all zz fans should check it out
  6. Hell ya! Are you going to get the dvd. If so let me know if you've heard any reviews on it so I can tell my friends!
  7. ZZ Top is still rockin after all these years! It’s good to see that they’re still coming out with new material. Is anyone going to get their new dvd Live From Texas? It comes out June 23rd. http://www.amazon.com/Live-Texas-ZZ-Top/dp...7122&sr=8-2 I hear it should be pretty good with their old stuff like Cheap Sunglasses and even some new stuff too. Marty Fontana
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    Hey everyone whats up! Looking forward to seeing u all in the chatrooms! --Marty
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