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  1. Yes he was. I saw a couple of the shows at Madison Square Gardens.
  2. Well said. I was at Glastonbury yesterday. The crowd didn't seem bored to me!
  3. Tony Kelsey and Abby Brant were on stage as well. They also played with him at Northleach church in the Cotswolds shortly before this performance.
  4. Knebby knew more than anyone else on here. She shared what she could. Others were jealous and she was eventually 'bullied' off the forum.
  5. Think it was actually Abby Brant, the keyboard player on 12 Gates. I liked the songs that Mary Jess and her mom did as well though. Very impressed.
  6. 'The Saturday Night Show' has just started on channel RTE in Ireland. Patty is on and they said yesterday that Robert would also be singing. Its just started on the RTE player, 2150hrs. You can watch online if you are in the UK. Not sure about anywhere else though.
  7. Patty has had a bad cold since she arrived in the UK. I'm just glad she still did it.
  8. He was a friend of some of the local 'Bobbies' (Police Officers) who had a band. They were raising funds for a local charity so he offered to help them out.
  9. He was interviewed straight after the show by Simon Bradshaw, a reporter for the Coventry Evening Standard. Simon Bradhshaw is now the editor of the Henley Standard. He may be able to help you further.
  10. He definitely played at the General Wolfe with the Honeydrippers. I don't know the date though.
  11. Well he was wasn't he? I cant seen the problem. No different from when Page & Plant were billed as the Guitar & the Voice of Led Zeppelin.
  12. I'm just curious, but if someone in the UK wants a shotgun/firearms licence and IF they are granted a certificate, they have to keep the weapon in a secure cabinet and the ammunition in another location. Is it the same in the USA? And whats a nightstand? Thanks
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