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  1. I am surprised too but in some ways not! The tv people are clueless when it comes to true original talent!
  2. Thanks for the link on the pics on the red carpet!
  3. I spotted him too in the background. Saw the blond long hair first and thought it might be him and it was!
  4. Hey Al! Glad to see you! I was wondering how you were after you were so sick last Fall.
  5. I love this song too! It was on the 8 track too!
  6. I love this song! I remember listening to them on an 8 track years ago that I got from my brother!
  7. Bye, Bye Rod! We are hoping here in IL today is your last day! Hopefully by the end of the day he will be GONE! Have you guys seen this? Pretty funny!
  8. I am so glad they are back home with you! I haven't been on the list lately much and just was going thru posts and saw yours! I have Westies and they are my fur kids! I don't know what I would do if one of them got loose and I couldn't find them. All three of my Westies are microchipped, two are rescues I adopted so they came with chips in them when I adopted them and my oldest Westie I got chipped last Spring when he was 11 years old. Glad to hear your boys are back home and safe and warm!
  9. I recently FINALLY received my copy of WGWTE from Borders.com. I ordered the day after Thanksgiving but it was backordered and finally arrived last week. I have only read a few pages of it and so far it is ok. I was kinda disappointed in the pics included as many are ones we have all seen. I didn't spend much for it since I had a gift card and it was free shipping so it only cost me about $5 out of my own pocketbook.
  10. I just stumbled onto this on youtube.com Some staff at the local Springfield newspaper put it together.
  11. Illinois has a new state motto: Welcome to Illinois-where our Governors make your license plates! Illinois has also changed the state bird from the red bird to the jailbird!
  12. Check this out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ries%26_fvi%3D1 Pretty funny.
  13. Everyone in Springfield was really pissed off about that. The Governor's Mansion is fully staffed everyday and never used and we the tax payers are paying for that and Rod's flights to and from Spfld. If it wasn't for Northern IL voters, he wouldn't have won the re election. No one here in Springfield voted for him to be re elected even the democrats around here including Me!
  14. Another IL Governor that will be going to prison. I saw something on the news today that out of the last 7 or 8 IL Governors, 5 have gone to prison! The link here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/media/acroba...12/43789434.pdf is pretty interesting reading. It is long (78 pages) but really shows what a crook Rod is! I live in Springfield, IL so many of us that live in the capitol have known this for a while now. IL politics at its worse.
  15. Led Zep Gurl


    I voted early a week ago last Friday! Had to wait in line for about 30-45 minutes. Paper ballots were used.
  16. Still not available in the US yet. Pretty pricey to buy it online and have it shipped overseas. Will wait to see when/if it will come available over here. I have had good luck getting alot of books on Led Zep at my local public library, believe it or not! If they don't have it, they will get it from the other public libraries near by. I requested the new book, Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin by John Bream a week or two ago and picked it up from my public library on Tuesday! I think I am the first to check it out as they had just bought it mid Oct. It has some great pics it in from what I seen so far. I thought I would go through it first before buying it for myself online or at the local bookstore.
  17. I checked out the Jon Bream's book today at the local Barnes and Nobel. Great pics. Will order it off Amazon.com as the price is better there. Even at $40 at the store it is a good price for such a nice book with many quality pics in it.
  18. Watched the show this morning too. Not much new with the questions asked or the answers they gave either. I think he is going to focus on new music and not relive the past with Page, JPJ. I really think him loosing his child, his marriage and his best friend, Bonzo is why in some reasons. Neither Page or JPJ were there at the services when his son died and I think this is something that has gotta bother him. Bonzo was the one that talked him into coming back to LZ after that and then Bonzo died. I think he lost alot (child, marriage and then Bonzo) towards the "end" of LZ and wants to look forward with different music. I think he enjoys doing LZ songs in different ways and that is why he continues to perform them in different ways.
  19. Thanks for posting the pics you took. They are great! I hope you get to feeling better soon.
  20. Thanks for the post on the two Northwest shows. Sorry to hear Al was ill during the trip. I hope he is feeling better soon. Love the story about getting Roberts beer! Too funny that people wanted pictures with it! I can only imagine the stagehand's look when you asked for it. I am sure he has heard of stranger requests than that! Glad you had a great time. From the youtube videos posted it looked like everyone on stage was having a good time.
  21. I just found this video on youtube from last nights gig: Love the flash Robert does at .37 on this flick. I think they must have been having problems with the curtain behind them or something. Looks like they both are having a good ole time on stage. They weren't this animated at the St. Louis, MO gig last week like this at all.
  22. Great post! I agree with everything you have written. I am sad about this but I do respect Robert for being true to himself and not just doing a tour for the cash etc...He doesn't need the $$ and I respect him for not cashing in on this! I wouldn't want him touring with the J's if his heart wasn't in it. I have never seen them live and have always wanted to but I guess it isn't meant to be. I have seen Jimmy with The Firm in the 80's and last week saw Robert with Alison/T-Bone live in concert and feel lucky that I did get to do that. As you stated in your post if they would have reunited and toured the tickets would have been sold to highest bidder be it on ebay or scalped or bought by Corporations and then used by the elite that have that kind of cash. The average person that is the Led Zeppelin fan wouldn't be able to get tickets or afford them. I think we all need to just chill out and be thankful that 3 of the 4 original guys from our band are still with us on this earth. I am a huge fan of Led Zeppelin and have been since I was in high school (late 70's/early80's) and like I said have always wanted to see them live in concert but if it doesn't happen I will survive! The world will not end if they do not reunite and tour. On a up note, I hope the J's do something together and do tour and if they do I will hope I can be lucky enough to see them live!
  23. Have a great time and let us know how both concerts go! Front Row seats-WOW!
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