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  1. I am also hopeful they will air it on PBS as they do alot of ACL ones.
  2. Yes, I read that too. That was from the St. Louis Post review in the comments. http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/entertain...C7?OpenDocument I don't recall hearing that but if they did that was horrible. The audience seemed to enjoy all the songs be it Alison singing or Robert singing, at least where I was sitting I really couldn't tell if people were more there for Robert or Alison or both. At one point it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop I thought! Everyone stayed seated during the show in my section except during calling for an encore. I was surprised more people didn't realize in advance when they were starting to do Black Dog or In the Mood or some others they had reworked. I could tell right away when they were going into one of those songs. Maybe I have watched too many Youtube videos of them so that is how I knew!
  3. Thanks for posting the review. I saw just now on another list too and was going to mention it. If you go the link and read comments from this review there has been talk that there was visible "tension" on the stage between Robert and Alison but I didn't see or notice anything like that. At one point, Robert was roving around stage while she was fiddling and he ended up beside her on her right and he was stepping on her cord for the fiddle or something and she wasn't happy about that and had to check to see if it was still plugged in I think but that was the only thing I saw and it didn't seem like a big deal. Some people also commented that the show was shorter than it had been at other locations. I thought it was a good show and didn't see any tensions, did anyone else notice it that was there?
  4. This is my first attempt at trying to post a link in a message here so I hope it works. If it doesn't I need help figuring it out! Also, I am not for sure when I joined Youtube it is UK Youtube! I don't know what I did there! I am from IL and not the UK! Here is song Nothin' from the concert last night. The view isn't the greatest but the sound recorded nicely. I wish I could have taped more but it was very hard to tape something and still enjoy the concert so I only did the song fully. I taped another song but only part of it. Will try to post it, it isn't very long cause my batteries were down on the camera so I had to switch batteries. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=GwKBAYRh9Zc
  5. How cool you got to met Robert and TBone! What a great time you must have had! Hope to see the pic you guys got to take!
  6. I made it to St. Louis and the concert! I was real worried about getting there and finding it but it was pretty easy to find. Seats were pretty good, in balcony but really there are no bad seats at the Fox. Great sound and wonderful place to have it at. The concert was good. The crowd was very interesting ranging from young teenagers to people in their 70's or more. I couldn't tell if more people were there for Robert or Alison. I did sneak my camera in and tried to get a couple videos. Was able to film all of "Nothin'" but it was hard to enjoy the concert and film so that was about it. Seemed like the time just flew when they performed and before you knew it was over with! The concert got done around 11pm I think and with my drive home it was about 12:30 when I rolled into my driveway. I think the drawback of the whole trip was trying to get out of the parking lot after the concert and onto the freeway route! I will try to figure out how to post the video I shot later today if I can!
  7. I am driving from Central IL so it isn't that long of a drive about 1 1/2 hours or 95 miles but I just hate driving in St. Louis! I don't mind driving in Chicago but something about St. Louis drives me nuts! LOL!
  8. Well, the awaiting day is rolling around. I was pretty excited about this show back in June when it was originally scheduled only to find out 5 days before the show it was cancelled and rescheduled! I was pretty bummed out about that. I am excited for the show but not as much as I was earlier in the year for some strange reason. I am sure it will be a great show and I will enjoy it! Haven't decided if I will try to bring my camera in with me or not. I don't know what kind of pics I would get anyways from where my seats are at. I am dreading the drive into St. Louis-I hate driving in St. Louis . Chicago-I don't mind at all but St. Louis drives me nuts! Will post on Thursday how the show was.
  9. Led Zep Gurl


    I was thinking about everyone on the list from that area today also. I sure everyone is safe and out the area. If you are able to, please check in if you can! It is so sad that this is happening again. It sounds like they have more arrangements in place and mass transit to get people out by bus, train and airplanes that do not have transportation means and they are able to take their pets with them this time. Prayers going out to all from that area.
  10. Ambercat, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.
  11. After jamming out to Led Zeppelin at home, you have to straighten all the pictures on your walls that are askew from the loudness! LOL! This happens everytime at my house. Another funny note, whenever I play Led Zeppelin two of my Westies (dogs) start acting wild and rowdy. I do believe they like Led Zeppelin too!
  12. Guess I will be tuning in for the Closing Ceremonies to see Jimmy. Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page???!?!?!? Should be interesting..... I am just glad he will be playing and we will be able to see him!
  13. I had a "Disco Sucks!" tshirt I wore! LOL! My Mom hated that tshirt and thought it was offensive! I still wore it though. My high school years were from 1977-1981. I lived in KS at the time in a small town. Our family moved from IL to KS due to my Dad getting transferred with his job. It was quite an adjustment moving from a large city in IL to a town of 3000 people in KS. I survived though. When ever I did something bad or got in trouble with my parents I would lay the guilt trip on them about me moving away from all my friends I had in IL from grade school on and how I wouldn't be graduating with all my friends and school mates I had known since then. That usually worked and I wouldn't be in trouble anymore!
  14. There was a dress code in those days in my school district. Girls couldn't even wear pants to school! There was also a rule about how long your hair could be (for boys). I have two older brothers and my Parents got a call from the high school principle about one of my brothers hair being too long! My Mom went down to the school and they (my Mom and the High School Principle) measured it with a ruler and it was within the hair length guidelines! My Mom wasn't too happy with the Principle! Mom was/is pretty cool- she likes Pink Floyd and when I was in high school wanted to go to the Peter Frampton concert with my friends and I-of course being a rebellious teen I said "No way"! LOL! I had a Led Zeppelin t shirt I wore in high school. I think I bought it at the state fair or somewhere. I probably still have it somewhere packed away--I should look for it. I did have all my concert tshirts at one time but I think I gave a bunch away a few years ago. I wish I would have hung onto them now! I still have my concert ticket stubs somewhere packed away! My wardrobe consisted of jeans and concert tshirts when I was in high school. The crowd I hung out with weren't goody two shoes but we weren't slutty either. We were pretty wild back then, though. After I turned 21 I settled down alot. Ahhh, the good ole days!
  15. Last I heard the dvd filming was cancelled for the St. Louis show. They cancelled the 2nd night of the show and now they are only there one day, Sept. 24 and no filming will be done. I have ticktets from the original date, June 19th and Metrotix called me when they rescheduled the show to Sept 24-25 and then they called me again to let me know that the Sept. 25th show was cancelled and just the one show would be happening.
  16. On the VH1 Rock Honors show last night on tv, Roger and Pete both said something about not getting along with each other and stuff like that. Roger said what was important was the music. You can go to this link and view the snipet they play between songs: http://www.vh1.com/video/play.jhtml?id=159...&vid=256138
  17. I caught the VH1 Rock Honors show last night on tv honoring The Who and they were pretty good. Roger's voice isn't what it used to be but Pete and him both rocked out pretty good for being over 60! The show was pretty good with the Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips, Incubus and Pearl Jam singing The Who songs. I thought Pearl Jam did the best of the bands covering The Who songs although the last song the Foo's played with Gaz Coombes of "Supergrass" was great!
  18. I love Pearl Jam and Eddie too! Have been a fan since their first album. I agree they were great on the VHI show last night honoring the Who. I am also a fan of the Foo's and Incubus but Pearl Jam were the best last night out of the three. Roger and Pete were great last night too! I am also a fan of the Who. Rogers voice isn't what it used to be though. They still rocked it out last night. Let's hope next year Led Zeppelin will be the ones getting honored!
  19. I hope the 24th is still on! I am not as worried now that they might cancel since they have scheduled more dates around that time now too in other cities. My tickets aren't the best either since I waited pretty late to buy mine when the original date (June 19, 2008) was on. If I knew I was gonna have to wait till mid Sept. I would have went to the Chicago show too and saw them there but didn't know at the time they were gonna reschedule the St. Louis date!
  20. Great pics of the show! I can't wait till Sept 24th to see them in St. Louis, MO at the Fox. Thanks for posting the link to your blog and pics.
  21. Well, there still is the St. Louis, MO date that was rescheduled to September 24, 2008 for Plant/Krause tour. It is still going on as far as I know, I have tickets from the original date (June 19, 2008) that will be honored for the Sept. date. I am wondering though if this date will be cancelled since they wrap up on July 19th. Why would they go back on the road for one date in St. Louis, MO? I have a feeling it is gonna get cancelled although I hope it doesn't. I was very disappointed when they rescheduled the June date less than one week from the day of the concert to move it to Sept and add another night so they could film a dvd only to be notified two weeks later that the second date in Sept. isn't happening nor the fliming of the dvd either. Many people were pretty pissed off about this since it is messing with peoples vacation time and stuff since the concert dates (both times) are scheduled mid week.
  22. Watching the DVD right now. I bought the Mothership in November or December of last year. I don't like how it cuts off many of the songs in the DVD. Will have to look into the other DVD someone mentioned that has the full versions of it I guess. As far as the CD's go, I can tell the difference in the sound quality and as someone said the volume is louder than the originals. I have Led Zeppelin on albums (vinyl) that were my first introduction to Led Zeppelin many (many) years ago that I still own but no turntable to play them on! I also own cassette tapes of Led Zeppelin that I still play at home and in the vehicle...I even dug out some that I had taped off a radio station from years (many) ago! I also have CD's of theirs too. I also had 8 track tapes of Led Zeppelin but don't have those anymore. I took the MP3 plunge last year and have an IPod so all the cds are now on it of Led Zeppelin along with some songs I bought off itunes of Led Zeppelin. I wish I had a way to get the vinyl on my MP3 since I don't have a turntable to play them on anymore and a way to get the cassettes on the Ipod too. I have read you can buy a device that does this for you but haven't really looked into that much. I have thought about buying the boxed set of Led Zeppelin of 4 cds that were released in 1990 (I think). Is this worth getting?
  23. Now they are only doing one show on Sept 24 and it won't be filmed for DVD either. I sure hope they end up doing this show. I have a feeling this one will be cancelled too. I sure hope not. I just got a phone call from Metrotix saying the Sept 25 show isn't happening and only the show on the 24th will go on. I checked the fox website and it states that too: http://www.fabulousfox.com/shows_page_single.aspx?usID=93 So does the RP/AK site: http://www.robertplantalisonkrauss.com/sit...mp;content=news Still lists the original show as July 19 that is a typo still.
  24. I just got a phone call from Metrotix about this show. They had me on the list to contact me when the tickets for the Sept. 25th show went on sale since I had tickets for the original date June 19. They said no show on the 25th just the one on the 24th. I guess I will have to keep the tickets I have then. I was hoping to get better seats for the 25th show since I waited till they were almost sold out when I bought mine for the 19th date.
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