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  1. I just bought Assemblage II this week and hope to receive it next week some time. Can't wait to view it. I am wondering if the Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71 youtube clip that showed up this past week is from this new dvd?? I have the first Assemblage dvd and it was great.
  2. Depending on where you live you can just pick up a copy at your local news stand/bookstore. Classic Rock and MOJO are both UK magazines, so it won't be in the States till 2-3 weeks or more after it is in the UK. Barnes and Noble should carry it since they carry MOJO.
  3. Nope! He isn't telling either from what I have read. I was going to wait to buy tickets for the Indiana show after I found out who all was in the band. Either it will leak out or we will have to wait till after the first gig I guess to find out!
  4. Hmmm, according to the most recent "Lemon Squeezings" e newsletter, Jason will not be telling who all is in the band before the first show of the JBLZE! I was kinda waiting to see who all would be playing with him before buying my tickets for the Merrillville, IN show. http://www.ledzeppelinnews.com/2010/08/30-some-tour-dates-announced-for-jason.html There is some information about the shows and dates that have been listed but now aren't listed. From what I read, all will be sorted out by this Thursday as to what dates and towns he will be hitting.
  5. This is interesting...I just checked Ticketmaster and the CA JBLZE date has been pulled off their site and you can't buy tickets for that gig now. Weird!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kWRk7WvDCM Two other dates have now been added on ticketmaster: Jason Bonham's Led Zepplin Experience BERGEN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER Englewood, NJ Thu, 11/04/10 08:00 PM More Info on sale:Thu, 08/12/10 11:00 AM Jason Bonham Fox Performing Arts Center RIVERSIDE, CA Sun, 11/21/10 08:00 PM More Info on sale:Thu, 08/12/10 12:00 PM Tickets still available for the IN show so I am waiting a bit before buying them, want to know who else is playing with him in the band.
  7. It is a great album! There isn't one song I skip over and I have been listening to it the last week or so. I grabbed the last copy of it at Best Buy last Wed. when they had it on sale for $7.99 a great price for a 2 disc cd!
  8. I haven't bought tickets for the Merrillville, IN show yet. Kinda waiting to see who is playing with Jason before buying tickets. I hope something is mentioned soon!
  9. The pre-sale code was emailed out members of the online club of the radio station that is sponsoring the show. I joined their online club on Tuesday just for the presale code and didn't get the email that was supposed to have been sent out Wed. I did email the radio station this morning and got a reply. They sent me the email with the presale code in it. Presale starts today, 8/6/10 at Noon Central Time and runs till 11:00am Sat. Central Time 8/7/10. If anyone wants the presale code PM me.
  10. Crap! I got on the phone last night and forgot all about them being on the Tonight Show and when I realized it they were just ending the show! Oh well, I will go to youtube and find it there I am sure. Gotta remember to watch them tonight on Kimmel! Tix still available at the St. Louis gig so I am hoping to snag some and go see them on 8/27!
  11. Posted on FBO yesterday, the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience will be in Merrillville, IN on 10/21/10: http://www.xrock1039.com/xtras/contests/star-plaza-led-zeppelin-experience.html Merrillville is about 3 hours from me, I am very tempted to get tix and go!
  12. Loved it! I was just wondering today when the video might be coming out for this and then I see this! Can't wait for the album to come out.
  13. I am gonna be buying this! I have been listening to it all afternoon here at work. After listening to their acoustic versions of their songs on this new album/cd, I must go see them! I hope I didn't wait too long and tix are all gone.
  14. Thanks so much, I didn't know they were going to be on tv. I will be tuning into to watch them tonight and Wed. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for posting this! I am wanting to catch their show in Indy or St. Louis. I need to see if tix are still available or not. I have heard this might be it for them as they might not be touring after this tour or possibly disbanding.
  16. I have read alot of Zep books and I feel Shadwick's book, "Led Zeppelin 1968-1980" is about one of the best. I bought Mick Wall's book when it first came out and it is interesting but the parts of the book in quotations that drive me nuts, I ended up skipping those parts of the book! I have heard Ritchie Yorke's book "Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography" is also good but I have never read it since it is out of print and I haven't been able to find a copy of it. I just bought Ross Halfin's The Photographer's Led Zeppelin off ebay and received it this past week! I have been wanting th
  17. Looks great! Thanks so much! Is there an app for the Droid phone too or just for the iPhone? Thanks again for all your hard work, Sam!
  18. Couldn't have said it better! Everytime Robert comes out with something new this happens, people complain that he is singing Zep songs, people complain he is the reason why Zep didn't go on tour after the O2. He doesn't owe any of us anything! Just be glad he is still around and doing something musically. At least he is, Page keeps saying he is but has he?!?! I like to think positive that he is working on something but so far it is only promo pics for guitar cases, expensive books and such! I am thankful for the music they have given us in the past and glad that 3 of 4 members are still ar
  19. Hi Al! Good to see you on here! Thanks for sharing the pics! Looking forward to see the rest of the ones you took too. I am hoping he adds more dates to his tour after the UK leg of the tour near Chicago, Indy or St. Louis so I can go see him.
  20. Thanks for sharing the pics! They are great! Hoping Robert adds the midwest to his next tour leg!
  21. Check out DIME for full audio of the Memphis show. I wish I would have gotten tickets for either the Memphis show or Tulsa show and just made the drive. I was hoping he would add more dates to the US tour leg but it looks like that won't be happening till later this year after the UK shows if at all. Still hoping he will hit Indy, Chicago or St. Louis.
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