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  1. From reading the comments from the Taste of Chicago Los Lobos/Robert Plant youtube videos out there, it sounds like Robert and Los Lobos shot a video together. See this link: "Taste of Chicago 2010 Los Lobos LLB and Robert Plant The ultimate encore to truly a great concert by Los Lonely Boys and Los Lobos. Sorry about the shakey camera work, this is my very first video. Here's how it played out. During the Los Lobos set, they made mention of shooting a video earlier in the day with Robert Plant. LLB came out to play on La Bamba. ( just Henry and Ringo ) Next, Robert Plant takes th
  2. Can't wait to hear this one, grabbing it right now!
  3. no problem. I don't see anything listed for June 2010 only stuff from May 21, 2010. The interview aired on 6/14/10 so maybe it isn't up on there yet? Thanks!
  4. hmmmm, vol. 528 doesn't have the Jimmy Interview that aired. I just checked it out. Does anyone have this interview saved that they could share with me? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks! I have a few pics of them taken on my Droid phone but they came out blurry and a short video of them doing Rise From the Shadows at Indy. I wish I would have taped the entire song since I really, really like that tune! I knew they were going out of the country for a while to tour soon. Hopefully they will hit the midwest again so I can see them There are some good sounding clips on youtube though.
  6. I will PM you and tell you how!
  7. I did tune in last Monday night and listened to it but was doing something else at the same time and didn't pay close attention to it. I was thinking it would be available on their radio website as a podcast but I was mistaken, as it is unavailable currently. Had I known it wouldn't be available I would have listened to it more closely.....
  8. Just wait till you discover all the Zep boots out there!
  9. I had never heard of them till the TCV show at Indy and I kick myself for not taping their set! After the Indy show I found a couple boots of theirs and have been listening to them ever since. I really like their music. They were in St. Louis right after the Chicago TCV show and if I had been home instead of still in Indy, I would have traveled to go see them in St. Louis. I hope to catch them live again sometime soon.
  10. From FBO: Turn on Tune in OnLine airs tonight in NY on Q104.3 8 pm EST www.q1043.com Now I just gotta remember to tune in tonight to listen to it!
  11. Has anyone heard this interview yet? I looked at the list of radio stations near me to listen to Get The Led Out and it looks like I just missed it this morning on the one station that is somewhat near me that I could get. Darn!
  12. I have A Work In Progress and Third Eye DVDs of the 02. Both are good but I really like A Work In Progress the best.
  13. Ahh, yes. I forget how bulky and big camcorders used to be. Thanks for checking to see if there is any audio from this gig!
  14. The DIME boot is pretty good of this show. I did notice that it skips around a bit during the songs towards the beginning. Not for sure why that is. It is excellent quality though and pretty good sound.
  15. I wish some audio or video from the March 2, 1985 Wichita, KS show would pop up. I have been looking but haven't found anything.
  16. Great clips! Looks like it is from the Rock and Ring live feed from this past Sunday in Germany. The entire show is up on DIME right now.
  17. The TCV R&R show is now up on Dime, it was put up last night. Still downloading it, have heard the sound/visual quality is good. Can't wait to see it again!
  18. It was a great show! They didn't play their full set but played longer than I thought they would.
  19. Looks they cut out a few songs since they are now doing Daffodils unless they are just mixing it up a bit than what they played in May in the States. I like Caligulove alot too. Heck, I love all their songs! LOL!
  20. It looks like they are doing their full set, the same one they did in Indianapolis a couple weeks ago. I have heard this show will be up on Dime also sometime soon.
  21. Them Crooked Vultures will be on live stream on Sunday, 6/6/10 at 6pm Eastern USA time, I think! Here is the live stream link: http://livestream.mtv.de/rar_alternastage/ Schedule link here: http://www.swr3.de/specials/rockamring2010/info/setlist_so.php Strange they aren't on the main/center stage but the alternative stage?!?!
  22. Me too! The only one that took a while to grow on me is Hats Off To Harper. At first it took me a while to listen to the whole song I would just skip it when I heard the intro. of it.
  23. Sorry about that. I should have wrote that I was thinking the UK was 6 hours ahead of Central US time but wasn't for sure. I now know that is correct due to Buckeye doc's confirmation in her post. My brain isn't working.....I have been on vacation from work for two weeks and haven't had to use it as much! LOL! Gotta go back to work tommorrow!
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