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  1. Just got done listening to it. I thought it was a very good program and Dave did a good job. Thanks for the information on the time change, I thought the UK was 6 hours ahead of US Central Time!
  2. I still have my vcr tape of TSRTS that I taped when the movie was on tv, maybe MTV. LOL! I need to check to see if it still plays or not since I am sure I wore it out too! I have since bought the dvd of TSRTS. Personally, I like the official dvd more than TSRTS but there are some good dvd boots out there of some cool stuff too!
  3. Damn! I missed it! I hope it will be replayed again! I can never figure out the time change between the US and UK!
  4. Just got done listening to it. It was great to hear Robert and Jason. The DJ's were rude and kept interupting them...jerks! Keeping my fingers crossed that Robert will add more dates to his tour that will include either St. Louis, Indy or Chicago. It will be interesting to see how Jason's project turns out and where all he will tour also. Hopefully he will will hit the midwest with it. Ok, Robert is touring, JPJ is touring with TCV....now when is Dear Jimmy gonna get out there and release something and tour!?!?! Come on Jimmy....we have been waiting for ya for a while now! Don't
  5. Thanks for posting the link. I was going to listen to it this morning--woke up (on vacation from work this week) before it was on but fell back to sleep! Going to go listen to it right now!
  6. Me too! I remember those teen mags too! I used to have a scrapbook of David Cassidy photos and some with Bobby Sherman in there too!
  7. It was great getting to met bigzepfan in person at Indy! I would have never been in the front row if it hadn't been for him! What a great show it was, one of the best I have ever seen!!
  8. Here are the posters from the Indy show and Chicago show. I love the Chicago one. Didn't get to buy one at Indy cause they were sold out by the end of the show but have been checking ebay for them just in case! The foils and some of the latest show posters were up for grabs on Jermaine's website last Friday. I didn't know about them being up for grabs till the were all sold out! My link
  9. Grabbing this one right now. Can't wait to hear it!
  10. I picked this book up after Christmas at Barnes and Noble for about $14 or so. Alot of the information in the book is stuff the Zep fan would know about but the pictures in the book are cool. I picked it up since I had never seen it and it was 1/2 price.
  11. Review of pics from the Indy TCV on Monday night, 5/17/10: http://www.musicpix.net/home/content/them-crooked-vultures-live-indianapolis-live-photos-tour-schedule Local review from the Indy Star from Monday nights show: http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=20105180340 Here is the link to the pics I took on Monday night at the Indy show: http://s736.photobucket.com/albums/xx5/whwtpg/Them%20Crooked%20Vultures%20May%2017%202010%20Indy/ and video from the show: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZepFoosTCV#p/c/71FBA683673D327E Still have the last song Warsaw on my phone
  12. Here is the link to the pics I took on Monday night at the Indy show: http://s736.photobucket.com/albums/xx5/whwtpg/Them%20Crooked%20Vultures%20May%2017%202010%20Indy/
  13. Go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZepFoosTCV to see the videos I took. I still can't get the last song Warsaw off the damn Droid phone. When I figure it out, I will add it. Enjoy! I have pics I took also and will work on getting those ready and will send a link to share when I get them done and ready.
  14. TCV ROCKED Indy on Monday night. Met up with bigzepfan in line outside and got a spot on the front row on the rail in front of Josh. It was LOUD, but I loved it!! Alberta Cross, the opening band was good and I am going to check them out more now that I have heard them. I used up all my memory in my camera taking video and some pics and also used my Droid phone (the pics suck that I took on the phone but the video isn't bad on it but the sound sucks on the Droid phone). I didn't think the sound would come out on the videos from my camera but it did so I am going to work on getting those
  15. I hope to take some pics and videos at the show if I can sneak my camera in and get close enough to the stage on JPJ's and Dave's side. Haven't been to this venue before so I don't know how strict they are about cameras and such. Should be a good show, the venue holds 2000 and it has been sold out for a while. I can't wait!!!
  16. Hitting the road this afternoon to Indianapolis for the TCV show on Monday night. Originally was attending the Chicago Tuesday show but was having challenges with that day so I was able to sell my two tix for the Chicago show and was able to find a tix to the Indy show! Good Karma?!?! It all worked out so I will see JPJ live (never seen him live before)!! I am a big Foos fan too and love TCV! I can't wait!!
  17. I hope so! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  18. He needs to add Chicago or St. Louis or Indy! I will be there if any of those cities are added. I keep checking to see if any dates have been added lately and I don't think any have. Fingers crossed more cities will be added!
  19. Gotta be my favorite Zep tune. I never grow tired of listening to it and love to hear the different versions of it on the boots from their early shows. Must be played at maximum sound level in the car or at home or on my iPod when I listen to it also, just can't help it! My neighbors probably also know this is my fav Zep song! LOL!
  20. Good Morning! I have seen it a few times too but never got it on tape yet! It seems like I never know when it is on in advance and just happen to be up and turn the tv on and it is on! I see now where they are selling it online. I have checked before and could never find it for sale on the Bio or A&E websites.
  21. It is shown off and on alot on A&E channel on their Biography series usually on Sunday mornings at 5AM Eastern Time, I have noticed about every 3 months it seems. I just happen to be awake and the and turned on the tv this morning and it was on. I have watched it before but sadly never taped it! UGH! My link Looks like it is now for sale on their site too. I don't think it has been in the past: My link You can also view it on youtube here: My link Hope this helps!
  22. The Zep bio is on the A&E channel right now. It has been aired before but thought I would.pass it along. It has been aired on the Biography channel and A&E channel in the past.
  23. My public library has quite a few Zep books, cds and lps. If they don't have it, they can get it from another library in IL or even throughout the US. I have checked out Zep books and read them that way but have started to buy the books lately, some of the books I bought were ones that I first read through the library and then wanted to own. They did have all of Zeps CD's but some of them aren't in very good condition and have pulled some of them off the shelves. I was really suprised since they had some of the most recent Zep books in their collection as soon as they were released
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