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  1. Just bought this book on Monday, it was 1/2 off at Barnes and Nobel so I decided to go ahead and purchase it due to that. Haven't started reading it yet, right now I am re-reading Mick Wall's WGWTE book. I have heard Shadows doesn't have much new stuff in it that most of us Zep fans don't already know but went ahead and bought it anyways.
  2. I bought the book in Dec. 2008 and read it. I didn't realize it was just now released in the States. It took a while to get my copy when I ordered (nearly 2 months I think!) and that must be why, it was shipped from the UK. I am in the process of re-reading it right now. The part that drives me nuts about Wall's book is when he goes into his quotations parts of talking in the book. I could do without that part.
  3. Thanks for posting these! It was interesting reading the last document-the audition report. http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/events/christmas2009/jimmypage/pdfs/report.pdf In the interview that was on the BBC on 12/25, the interviewer and Jimmy did discuss those comments. It was pretty funny to hear Jimmy's reaction to some of the comments from this report on the interview.
  4. I started listening to Zep through my older brothers 8 tracks. I think it was Houses of the Holy, I can remember the 8 track was bright pink in color. That would have been in 1977 or so I think. I bought Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti albums not too long after that. I still have both of those albums but not for sure how playable they are since I wore them out back then! ITTOD was next in album form which I still have with the brown wrapper and then CODA cassette (which I still listen to from time to time). Thank God both of my older brothers had decent taste in music and got me into Zep!
  5. Hammer of the Gods is another book about Zep by Stephen Davis, originally came out in 1985. It was one of the first Zep books I bought back in 1985. I don't think there were alot of Zep books out at the time back then. I still have my original copy from back then and it is in good shape considering it is 24 years old! God! Has it been that long.....
  6. I just checked them out, they are great! Hopefully TCV will be coming back to States in Spring to tour!
  7. You have some great Zep stuff on your Youtube channel! I have gotten some great stuff off there in the past. Welcome!
  8. Yes, I remember this shirt as I had it in a light blue! I think I bought it at the Kansas State Fair at one of those tshirt vendors. I was in high school when I bought it so it would have been between 77-81. I no longer can locate this shirt so I must have given it away at some point. I wish I hadn't have done that.
  9. For those of us in the states that didn't get to see the show. I found this on youtube just now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu2J3vaR7Bk
  10. I don't really care for Christmas or Holiday music but these were kinda neat!
  11. I bought the CD on Tuesday after I got off work. The first store I went to they were sold out of it. I guess that is a good sign for the band! Next store had it. Couldn't wait to get the cd unwrapped and into the cd car player! I have listened to it every day and it just gets better every time I listen to it. I don't think there is one bad tune on it. I don't buy alot of cds and am pretty picky about my music. TCV ROCKS!
  12. Sounds like it was a good show. Bummer about no audio for your video you shot. Thanks for posting the pics and video. I never have seen The Cult live, but I am sure they put on a great show. I really like their tunes especially songs off the Love album and some of Electric album and Sonic Temple album. I still have the cassettes from when they first were released but have it on my Ipod now and still listen to them alot.
  13. No report about the Cult Concert? How was it?
  14. Sounds like it will be a great show! I wore out that cassette back in the 80's!
  15. I wasn't able to catch the whole show this morning but plan to watch the whole thing later. On the Foo's website Forum section you can download the whole show or just the sound. I just got done downloading just the sound. The talk between songs with the band is pretty funny. At one point they were kinda dissing the U2 Youtube thing. Thanks again for posting about this!
  16. I didn't see this till this morning but they are replaying the live stream still. It is great! I am a fan of the Foos. It is interesting Dave is doing this while TCV are also touring and releasing their first album soon. The live stream is pretty cool and I hope more bands use this type of stuff. Thanks for posting about it!
  17. I was able to catch it last night at home on youtube! It was pretty good. I like U2's older stuff best, Sunday Bloody Sunday was pretty good. I wonder if more bands will go this route in the future.
  18. I forgot all about this being shown on Youtube last night! Maybe it will show up on youtube anyways.
  19. I read somewhere that the Silverdome is up for auction.
  20. Thanks! I usually just go to the public library versus buying books but have bought a few Zep books. The last one I bought was Mick Wall's book.
  21. I was thinking of buying this book or the other new one Good Times/Bad Times but haven't decided. Borders has a 40% off list price coupon for their stores good till this Monday. Also good at Waldenbooks. Should I buy either of them or both? Let me know. Thanks!
  22. I was going to try and see it tommorrow while up in the West Burbs of Chicago while my dogs were getting groomed but one theatre is in downtown Chicago and I don't do downtown Chicago very often unless I take the Metra in from the Burbs and the other theatre is up in Evanston IL. I guess I will decide when I get up in the Burbs tomorrow about going. If not, I will wait till the dvd comes out cause it isn't being shown south of I-80 in Illinois.
  23. Attended the Heart concert last night. I am not one to attend concerts at the State Fair but did for this one. It was great. Bangles was the opening act and they were ok. I am not a big fan of them but they did sound pretty much like they did on their hits they sung. Ann Wilson's voice is better than ever! I saw Heart back in the 80's and I think they were better last night in 2009 than in the 80's. They sang a couple Led Zep songs and Who song. The whole crowd was really rocking with them. It was great and I really enjoyed it and my Mom did too! She wanted to go so I bought her ticket and took her for her 75th birthday! Here is a review from the local paper: http://www.sj-r.com/...-as-it-ever-was I kicked myself for not bringing my camera as I had great seats. Oh well. The seats in the grandstand were actually vibrating the whole time Heart played! It was loud and it rocked! Here are a couple links from Youtube some people posted that also attended: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=4hjvNYbDJoQ http://www.youtube.c...h?v=qtC-SMqzgBk
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