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  1. Attended the Heart concert last night. I am not one to attend concerts at the State Fair but did for this one. It was great. Bangles was the opening act and they were ok. I am not a big fan of them but they did sound pretty much like they did on their hits they sung. Ann Wilson's voice is better than ever! I saw Heart back in the 80's and I think they were better last night in 2009 than in the 80's. They sang a couple Led Zep songs and Who song. The whole crowd was really rocking with them. It was great and I really enjoyed it and my Mom did too! She wanted to go so I bought her ticket and took her for her 75th birthday! Here is a review from the local paper: http://www.sj-r.com/entertainment/x1373197806/Review-Heart-pounds-through-set-strong-as-it-ever-was I kicked myself for not bringing my camera as I had great seats. Oh well. The seats in the grandstand were actually vibrating the whole time Heart played! It was loud and it rocked! Here are a couple links from Youtube some people posted that also attended: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtC-SMqzgBk
  2. My first ever concert I went to was a Peter Frampton concert back in 1978 or 1979. I still have my ticket stubb somewhere along with the tshirt! Caught him on Soundstage on PBS not long ago and it was great.
  3. I just picked up two pairs of readers at the dollar store yesterday! I have noticed lately I can't see as good with small print. I guess I am getting old.....I used to have perfect vision. Going to try the cheapy readers a while and see if they help before I make an eye dr. appointment.
  4. Can't wait till August 22,when I see Heart in Concert! I saw them in concert in the 80's or early 90's when I lived in KS.
  5. Thanks! I wasn't for sure!
  6. Check this out: "The third coming of Jack White The debut performance on ftblive.com will also be the first UK gig from Jack White’s new band The Dead Weather. The band features Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age, and Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs. Together they’ll be showcasing the menacing sound of their album Horehound which is released in the UK on July 13th. Their live set will go out, online and as it happens, on 22nd June 2009 at 9.00pm. In the run up to the gig, the From The Basement team will be posting backstage content online, as it happens. So to find out more, listen to exclusive interviews, or just sign up for a reminder, visit www.ftblive.com" http://www.ftblive.com/ Since that is 9PM UK time on 6/22/09 what time would that be in the US?
  7. I have always wanted to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. I wonder if it is still on display? Going out east, hopefully in September of this year. Might try to stop in Cleveland on the way back home.
  8. I lived in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area from 1992 to 1994. I moved there from Kansas with my job. I had never lived in the South and wasn't for sure what to expect. I must say, I was pretty impressed with all the big Universitys in that area UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke and other colleges. It was a very growing area at the time I lived there. Very friendly folks who lived there. I really enjoyed living there those 2 years!
  9. I always thought they looked like those Christmas tree ornaments that were popular in the 70's. Those satin ball ornaments you could get in different colors!
  10. I found my concert/tour program from the Firm concert March 1985 today! It is in pretty good condition for being 24 years old (God! Has it been that long ago! ) It was in a box with some of my old records. I also found tour programs for Van Halen from 1980 and Stevie Nicks. Also in the box was a magazine type publication on Led Zeppelin published by Robus Books in 1986. It is in really good shape with the poster that is in the middle still there. It has alot of pics in it but most we have all seen. In the box were the following Led Zeppelin LPs: Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti and In Through the Out Door. The covers and inserts are in pretty good shape. Still have the outer brown paper bag from ITOD but I did do the water color thing with the inside sleeve in certain areas! I wish I had a turn table to play them on to see if they are still decent. I know I wore these albums out back in the day, especially Physical Graffiti! Now I just need to find my ticket stubs and the rest of my concert t-shirts that I hopefully didn't give away!
  11. I doubt if Central Illinois will get it then if at all. I will be up in the Chicagoland area around the end of August for a day, maybe I can catch it while I am up there.
  12. Yes, 1985 at the Civic Center! I was thinking it was one of their very first concerts in the States. I think I bought a concert program too and have it packed away somewhere with all my concert stubs. I need to find that box as I know I have it somwhere from moving from Kansas to North Carolina to Illinois. I didn't know an article was in the Wichita paper right before the concert date.
  13. Thanks so much! I had looked on youtube for it a couple days ago but didn't find anything.
  14. I saw the Firm in concert back in the 80's in Wichita, KS. It was a great concert and I remember how excited I was to see Jimmy! I think it was actually one of the few concerts I went to that I remembered going to it! There were some I don't remember like Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult...too much liquid refreshment and other things on the way to the concert for that one! I was going through one of my clothes closets a couple weekends ago and found some of my concert t-shirts in a box and there was my Firm concert t-shirt! I couldn't remember if I still had it or not. I gave a bunch of my concert t-shirts away years ago and now I kick myself for doing that! Glad I still have the Firm one but it doesn't fit me anymore!
  15. I live in Illinois but haven't heard of any dates that is it being screened.
  16. Thanks for the info. my cable company doesn't carry the Biography Channel.
  17. I looked on the Biography Channel website and do not see the entire show. There is a 4 minute snipet of it but that was all I could find.
  18. Thanks for the link! I can't wait to see this movie!
  19. Sounds pretty good. I used to really love Cheap Trick. I remember seeing them in concert. Can't remember the year though, I think it was in the 80's.
  20. I ordered tickets this morning right when they went on sale. I am not a fan of going to the State Fair but I really wanted to see them again and the tickets were only $25 a pc. plus TicketMaster handling fees but it was only $61 total for 2 tickets which is cheap I think. The concert isn't till August 22. I called my Mom after I ordered them and suprised her about her going. She is happy and excited to be going. The first concert I ever went was Peter Frampton back in 1978 (I think). I was Sophmore or Jr. in High School. My Mom wanted to go with me and my friends! LOL! I told her she couldn't go with us! She wanted to go to hear Frampton's music but me being the normal teenager didn't want my Mom tagging along!
  21. I have always like Heart. I saw them in concert in the 80's or early 90's when I lived in KS. They are coming to the IL State Fair in Sept. I am going to try to get tickets. My Mom (believe it or not) wants to go too when I told her they were going to be there. She is in her 70's but had to listen to the all the late 60's and 70's music my older brothers played back then! She also likes Pink Floyd! LOL!
  22. I was wondering what people on the board would think about this. I missed the show but heard about Adam singing WLL on the radio this morning on the drive to work. I checked out Youtube and watched the video of it. He does have pipes but it lacked emotion. I was more impressed when he sang Mad World a few weeks ago than WLL. I don't know... I agree he sounded like a Sebastian Bach impersonator! The band was rocking on the song though. I don't think he will get voted off. I think either he or the girl (can't think of her name-Allison?)will win.
  23. The billboard of Robert Plant is still up on 53 North near the Arlington Heights racetrack exit in the West burbs of Chicago! Was up there this past week for my job and it was still there!
  24. Hotel Monaco in Downtown Chicago music playing in the hotel played LZ's Your Time is Gonna Come last summer. I was there for my job and was surprised! It instantly put me in a super good mood!
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