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  1. I saw a billboard of Robert Plant also on the way up to Palatine the end of Feb of this year, near the Arlington Heights racetrack exit on 53 North. It was also for a radio station. Going up that way the end of this month for my job so I will have to see if it is still there!
  2. LOL!! I couldn't remember if they had been posted on here or not! Thanks for the clips on youtube-they are GREAT! I can't wait to to see the film! I don't know why the release date is so far away, August!?!?!?
  3. Here is another link I found on youtube with Jimmy at his house jamming with his records. This one isn't as long but a better view:
  4. Thanks for the links! Can't wait till it is released in the US for us to see or on dvd. There is something on youtube that I saw a while back that was of Jimmy playing records at his house and jamming out that is pretty cool too. Here is the link off youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuSm4HCtjtU
  5. Me too!! Go Illinois Girls!!!
  6. I hope I can stay awake till then! I was up at 5AM today!
  7. oops! That might have been me when they won the first one. Sorry!
  8. Natalie Cole was the one who said the name of the song wrong twice!
  9. Yes, I have noticed this too. Once again dissed by the tv people! grrr! I sure hope they are performing, a pic was taken of them practicing.
  10. Yes fake playing their fake guitars! I doubt if they were even plugged into amps!
  11. Ok, I like this song now but the Jonas Bros are gonna ruin this one Superstition.
  12. The Jonas Brothers are on now. I can't stand them!
  14. hmmm, that is a very good question! I guess I will have to check out all the morning shows before I go to work and online too!
  15. DANG! I gotta quit typing on the laptop with replies and watch the show! I am missing all the Robert spottings!
  16. I think they are filling in for Chris Brown or Rhianna on E! tv they said Chris Brown was arrested for battery or something last night after a pre grammy party and a woman (possibly Rhianna) was the woman that called the police. They said they (Grammy people) were scrabbling around trying to fill both of their slots since they were both supposed to perform but weren't coming now. They mentioned Justin Timberlake might be performing in one of their places.
  17. Yes, she did but not as whacky as she has been in the past.
  18. What is up with that dress she has on? Looks like a white cloth napkin on top part!?!?!?
  19. Thanks for the link. Got back in the house before the show started. I guess neither preshow interviewed either of them.
  20. DANG! I gotta take my Westies (dogs) out! I hope I don't miss anything on tv on either pre-show!
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