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  1. We made a deal with the devil for cheap stuff and low cost labor. Now we're paying the piper. Btw, if we're so concerned with saving lives why not overturn Roe v. Wade? Best idea I've heard lately.
  2. An unbiased source indeed. https://newsarmor.com/microsofts-readies-its-biased-fact-checking-app-newsguard-for-another-orwellian-task/
  3. Nah, let's not even take into account the slightest possibility of there being any Chicom bio-weaponry risk out there. Just more wild conspiracy nut nonsense.. https://news.yahoo.com/suspected-sars-virus-and-flu-found-in-luggage-fbi-report-describes-chinas-biosecurity-risk-144526820.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=fb Whoops.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmy01gwb4nI&feature=youtu.be&t=206
  4. Believe them and the Chicom/Leftist backed MSM at your own peril. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/cbs-news-caught-using-footage-from-an-italian-hospital-to-describe-conditions-in-new-york-city-video/
  5. Times Square, Friday night 3/27/20.
  6. Not a surprise that those of us who have been saving for a rainy day get demonized by the ones now scrambling for toilet paper.
  7. Yep, if this was a bioweapon it has already done severe economic damage. Seen the stock market lately?
  8. Chicom projection? Now the Chinese government is blaming the US, saying the virus was created in a US army research lab. So why did they keep it secret from the rest of the world for 2 months? The Chicoms must be feeling heat from their own people and trying to deflect blame through their media propaganda machine. How can you even trust a government that harvests organs from political prisoners held in concentration camps..
  9. Kind of interesting about the Dean Koontz novel from 1981 and the "Wuhan-400" virus. https://celebrityinsider.org/did-dean-koontz-predict-coronavirus-in-his-1981-novel-the-eyes-of-darkness-with-wuhan-400-some-say-yes-377947/
  10. But nevermind the thousands of potential disease carrying migrants coming over our border every day right? smh..
  11. Here's Baldwin talking to his then 12 year old daughter. What a creep.
  12. When you see blatant, in your face corruption and no one is held accountable (i.e. banana republic) that's what worries me.
  13. And not to mention the kind of shit that has been going on in the UK for years with the grooming gangs that the authorities have been turning a blind eye to for fear of being branded racist. Just ask Tommy Robinson, they threw him in jail just for trying to call attention to it. PC gone mad, and where are the feminists, SJW's, MSM? Where is the rage machine over the rapes? Crickets as usual.
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