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  1. Follow the science. The political science that is.. NIH director expects booster shots to be expanded, despite FDA advisers' recommendation (msn.com)
  2. “Hunger Games” comes to mind. Treatment today. Food tomorrow.
  3. Great response to this around the 1:02:30 mark:
  4. Yes, we need a vaccine for the cash cow variant.
  5. RIP to those people who fell off that C-17 four or five days ago.
  6. Racist. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/06/07/vaccine-equity-black-americans-biden-491973
  7. Knock, knock, knock.. Press Secretary Says U.S. Will Begin "Door-to-Door" Outreach for COVID-19 Vaccinations | C-SPAN.org
  8. Do you want a bunch of stoners building your car? How about your airline pilot, surgeon, etc. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/06/gm-may-need-to-stop-testing-for-weed-to-attract-more-employees-uaw-shop-chairman-says/
  9. The movie John Dillinger watched right before he was shot dead.
  10. So-called "scientists" lied to us about Covid because Orange Man Bad. Wonder what else they're lying about? https://news.yahoo.com/scientist-waited-legitimize-lab-leak-162344951.html
  11. Sorry to hear about this but glad to hear you could help out your friend. Sadly I think we are going to hear more and more about these types of situations with the huge surge in illegals flooding our borders. It's not the best and the brightest coming here that way and it is just adding to this country's problems.
  12. Lol, liar liar pants on fire. Things not looking to good for Fraudci.
  13. Perhaps, but lying and hiding the truth is what children do so one cannot claim to be the adult in the room if that is what they are doing.
  14. If your point was that people don't like being lied to or having the truth withheld from them for political purposes then you're welcome.
  15. This is the kind of attitude adopted by corporate and government controlled media outlets that people don't believe or trust what they are hearing from them anymore and rightly so. https://countercurrents.org/2021/01/american-trust-in-the-mainstream-media-hits-an-all-time-low/
  16. Link? Hope you're right cause this isn't something I want to be true. But when half the CDC, those who are supposed to have the best info on this vaccine still haven't taken it, one has to wonder wtf is going on.
  17. Gee, wonder what they know that we don't? CDC: As many people have died from Covid-19 vaccines as ALL vaccines in last 20 years COMBINED (wnd.com)
  18. A view shared by criminals and troublemakers everywhere.
  19. Stumblin' Fumblin' Old Joe Biteme
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