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  1. My peeve of the day.. It's too dang bright out. I am the Dragon of Darkness afterall, dammit.
  2. Wright, Pflegler, Rezko, and Ayers might be "issues" that you can't look past, but to democrats and anyone else with a halfway rational mind (ie, most moderates and independents), they're non-issues. If you hope to derail the Obama campaign, you'll have to come up with far more substantive issues than those. Those old dogs simply aint huntin' no more. If you wanna persist with issues pertaining to guilt by association, you'll have to find a way to explain away McCain's involvement in the Keating Five; his involvement with lobbyists who lobby for Iranian, Chinese, and Burmese Junta interest
  3. Brands on the other side of the republican elephant: "Domestic Spying" "Habeus Corpus" "Extraordinary Rendition" "Tax Cuts for the Wealthy" "Outing CIA Agents" "Heckuva Job" "NeoCons" "Cronyism" "Indefinite Detentions" "Alberto" "Rove" "No Child Left Behind" "Creationism" "Imperialism" "Unilateral"
  4. ^^ It seems to me you oughta be worried about McCain's campaign. The guy can hardly go a day without putting his foot in his mouth or selling out what were, at one time, his principles. How anyone can support this guy and not be completely embarrassed about it is beyond me. Obama, on the other hand, is on a roll. He's captured the hearts and minds of our nation.. and the world. Hilary Clinton is already telling her supporters to back Obama and (no real surprise here) they are. Major Clinton Backers Rally Around Obama. Face it, 'my friend' (as McSame would say), Americans want change. O
  5. Oh, I get it. You mean 'in comparison to GW Bush', right?
  6. With all due respect, Gainsbarre, your assertion that John McCain is "brilliant" is a misstatement of epic proportions. Over the course of the election you will see that John McCain is no less a nitwitted warmongering embarrassment to America (and to the republican party) than George Bush has been. This election will expose McCain for the blundering nincompoop that he is. Mark my words, my friend. You're right though, this is going to be the best, most exciting, election the US has had in decades. Barack Obama is going break the race barrier and in doing so he's going to make Americans pro
  7. the presumptive dem party nominee and next President of the United States just gave a great victory speech. Obama's speech was as fresh, uplifting and inspiring as John McSame's was dry, stale, and utterly boring. Congratulations to Barack Obama! On with the general election! :banana: :banana:
  8. I share your enthusiasm! And yes,.. I'd love some champagne, thank you! Obama still needs 9 more delegates, but what the heck.. let's do it!!
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