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  1. Hi hon, I like reading other people's thoughts although I don't always comment. I do like your comments specifically because I myself don't believe the universe manifests our thought and feelings but I believe we interpret the universe through them. I guess that's the question here: Are we talking to an indifferent universe? Are we shouting at an ocean?
  2. Leonard Cohen was an amazing human experience I think for the whole audience. Much love and gratitude to the man. Just beautiful.
  3. Ok, I'll bite. I've been thinking about getting a boob job. I'm really flat-chested and for the most part I thought I was ok with it. Occasionally it would upset me (for example when I needed a bra with tons of padding to get me wedding dress to fit) but for the most part I liked my body. Then when I had my son earlier this year I suddenly had boobs and I loved how I looked--for about a week I finally had a feminine figure. Then they disappeared again even before I stopped nursing and I felt a kind of crushing disappointment--I hadn't realized how much I had looked forward to having a figur
  4. Leonard Cohen next week and Depeche Mode in August
  5. I love them, have been a fan since middle school, and I'm seeing them when they come to town. I do think they have a great deal in common with LZ because they have both a folk and a hard rock sound.
  6. Beee-youuu-ti-fullllll!!!
  7. This was once a frequent earworm of mine! Thanks for reminding me of it!
  8. I don't know if anyone has already posted about this but I thought this article was interesting, and this site gets a mention: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...ml?hpid=topnews
  9. "Spooky" by Classics IV because I'm a weird girl.
  10. Beautiful! Mkes me think of the Barberini faun!
  11. Leftover (good, homemade) spaghetti sauce eaten like soup without spaghetti
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