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  1. I believe his shirt actually says "Robert loves Kim" (Kim Fowley), but I can't find the photo that shows all the lettering.
  2. Interesting formula. I consider many albums on this list "essential."
  3. In this Blender interview he jokes that it was all spray starch : http://www.blender.com/guide/articles.aspx?id=424
  4. Hmmmm, vedy vedy interesting. Falling dreams usually symbolize instability and anxiety. Jimmy, in real life, has a tendency to injure his hands, and then there's the issue of the tighty-whities; perhaps, if you identify at all with Jimmy, you have a fear of not being able to perform at something and a fear of embarrassment. Robert appears to be the hero in this dream--he tries to pull you up the sand cliff and then carries Jimmy up the ladder. Maybe there is some aspect of his personality you would like to emulate (such as his bravado or his good humor) that could "carry" you through your anxi
  5. Having an "impractical" major doesn't necessarily doom you to poverty, either. Many people's jobs are not directly related to their majors. You can study the humanities and still get a "safe" day job.
  6. Yeah, but people always try to dissuade you from going into that sort of field. My point is that people actually do hold those jobs and if you don't let people talk you into something "more practical" one day it could be you.
  7. To the aspiring Egyptologists (because people always try to talk you out of the more interesting career paths): I took an Egyptology course in college, taught, of course, by an actual Egyptologist. So they exist! You can be one! And at least one of them is employed, too!
  8. And here's the best one ever (special thanks to Roxie)!
  9. As AC/DC would say, he's got the biggest balls of them all.
  10. If he loses sponsors or listenership due to his comments it's perfectly fair to fire him, not because his comments are offensive (this would be censorship) but because his job performance (attracting and keeping listeners and sponsors) is poor. His first amendment rights are intact: if he were merely an employee of MSNBC expressing this opinion to a coworker certainly he shouldn't be fired, however MSNBC is a business and they aren't obligated to give anyone a public platform if it is contrary to their business interests. Mr. Savage is perfectly entitled to express his views from a parkbench o
  11. Or you could look on the bright side: at least the Great Lakes are blue.
  12. Thanks for the review; it sounds like it was a great show!
  13. Yeah, but there's only one dance you can do to it!
  14. I heartily agree with this. It is good to keep an open mind and not dismiss everything within a genre. Also, it's good to remind yourself that just because a band doesn't appeal to your tastes doesn't mean it's bad (The Who - sorry, I only like a tiny fraction of their stuff) and just because you enjoy something doesn't mean it's good (there's a lot of bad music from the 80's I can't turn off because of the Exposure Effect).
  15. Does anyone know the birth order of each of the members of LZ within their respective families? I know JB had at least one sibling (a younger sister), and I've never heard that JP or JPJ have siblings. I know RP has a sister but don't know if she's older or younger. (Basing my guess on stereotypes alone I would say a lead singer is more likely to be a youngest child.)
  16. It sounds really cool. Years ago there was an exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum featuring a lot of secretive and paranoid art. I saw an ornate Masonic chest full of secret hiding places. It was so mysterious---a giant puzzle box.
  17. I luuuuuuuuuurve him! Here he is performing "I Do the Rock." I like the way he moves!
  18. Anything by the Eagles and most especially "Hotel California". I know they have fans on this board, but I despise any song by the Black Crowes other than "Hard to Handle." It's not even accurate to say I "no longer tolerate them" because I never tolerated them. "She Talks to Angels" fills me with burning ire.
  19. One of my favorites, too. I would also recommend the Soft Machine and Os Mutantes.
  20. I saw them on "The Colbert Report" tonight and thought their performance was really good. They were good sports during the interview, too.
  21. Generation of Vipers by Philip Wylie. Written in 1942 and very prescient.
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