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  1. Rock Band is a social activity much like karaoke. Also, people who play a real instrument tend to do better at Rock Band and seem to enjoy it at least as much as non-musicians. Of the people I sometimes play with, one of the "guitarists" actually plays guitar and one of the "drummers" actually plays drums. It's just a fun new way to appreciate music.
  2. Rock Band is such a fun thing to do with a group of friends and, selfishly, I would love it if it included some Zeppelin.
  3. I'm 32 so I'm definately not part of their first wave of fans--I was only five when they split up. My three siblings are six to eight years older than me so I grew up listening to a lot of things my peers weren't exposed to. My sister passed her LZ vinyl records down to me when she moved out. I still have them. I had two friends in high school who were into LZ: one was a little sister, like I was. The other's dad was a fan from back in the day who still had his LZ eight-tracks and his eight-track player. I remember listening to them in her living room. It makes me happy to see that LZ h
  4. I think this question should be, "The Who: could they have been better?"
  5. I do think he would make a crappy boyfriend for somebody, but he's quick-witted, outspoken, and wears really, really sharp suits. He looks like he would smell good, too, if that makes any sense. Here's some others: I still think Johnny Damon is cute even though he's a Yankee now. (My only love sprung from my only hate! Just kidding.) Jon Hamm from Mad Men:
  6. Interesting quiz; thanks for the link! According to the quiz I'm a "Social Liberal," which I think is accurate, although many of the questions didn't have an answer that fit my views so I had to pick the least objectionable answer.
  7. I think Jimmy Page's hooks (and hence in some ways his composition) are better, but Prince is a great guitarist, songwriter, and arranger. Jimmy Page is also a great producer but his best work is truly collaborative. Prince, while he carries the James Brown mantle of encouraging new talent and collaborating with established musicians, has a much more autocratic style. Prince has a band--he isn't in a band. I find them very difficult to compare.
  8. Bill Maher isn't beautiful but I think he's sexy:
  9. I had a HUGE crush on Morrissey when I was a kid!
  10. I love "Bitches Brew" (both the song and the album). Right now I'm listening to "Love will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division.
  11. "Chocolate City," about DC, by Parliament "Montana" by Frank Zappa "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" by Burt Bacharach
  12. True, I wouldn't lump LZ together with Sabbath, but I also shouldn't lump Sabbath together with AC/DC.
  13. Ozzy wore eyeliner, but I don't think he wore it to look pretty! I'm less bothered by the girliness comment than by the way he lumps LZ in with AC/DC & Sabbath, but many people do that. I can appreciate AC/DC and Sabbath for what they are, but their sounds are not very complex, and I would liken LZ more to the Beatles because they experimented with so many genres, or to Cream because of their big sinister guitars.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't say it! I usually just babble until somebody figures it out: "You know that song Dire Maker or Didjer Maker or you know the one that goes 'Oh oh oh oh oh, You don't have to go.' "
  15. PC definately seems more into it than RP does, but then again who would you rather kiss?
  16. I'm actually using it as my desktop wallpaper now.
  17. I saw them along with the Exploited a few years ago, and I just wanted to share how funny it was to watch this middle-aged man singing, "We're teenagers from Mars, and we don't care!" Apparently people from Mars age really quickly.
  18. I like the Keith Shadwick book and don't feel like I need any of the others. It gives a bit of insight into the personalities behind Led Zeppelin but focuses on the music rather than raunchy stories. A more devoted fan would probably read them just to be familiar with them, but I made the decision not to read Stairway to Heaven or Hammer of the Gods because some of the stories I had already encountered in articles or other books were very, very upsetting, especially to a female fan and a fan who detests violence. My feelings about the band had already been damaged by some of the things wri
  19. Just like that group picture taken at Knebworth where RP is pantsless--I can't tell what's what in that picture.
  20. "Don't Make Me Wait Too Long" by Roberta Flack. The bass line is sick. I wonder if anyone has sampled it yet because that song is begging for it.
  21. You lucky girl! I've never had a dream where Robert Plant appeared, although I once dreamed I heard on the radio that he was uninjured after an accident involving a "theremin explosion." On second thought, I think I'll count that one as a sex dream.
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