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  1. My Olbas inhaler! It's a nasal vaporizer the size of a lip balm with menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils. It perks you up and makes aggravated sinuses feel better, all without drugs.
  2. Here's a thread dedicated to the men who will never leave their underwear on our floors or put our ice cube trays back in the freezer empty, which is not to say they aren't welcome to. I'll start: earlier today when talking to someone about the expression "I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers," I said that I would kick out absolutely anyone who ate crackers in my bed, and I had a pleasantly absurd daydream about Robert Plant lying on my pillow clutching a box of Triscuits. I was going to kick him out but he rationalized that he wasn't violating my rule because what I call cra
  3. Or you could hide behind an enormous fake beard, as most of them appear to be doing.
  4. I haven't read any Stoker short stories but maybe I'll see if my local library has it. During my hibernation last winter I read some short stories by LeFanu, M. R. James, and Algernon Blackwood. Right now I'm starting The Moviegoer by Walker Percy.
  5. It would be unrealistic to think that Plant/Krauss could sell tickets as quickly as a LZ reunion. Led Zeppelin is an iconic band of lasting cultural importance, whereas this is more of a niche project. They sold out Red Rocks, but it took them a while. I know because I had a few weeks to dither about whether or not I should buy tickets before I realized I couldn't go anyhow. (I like Raising Sand and Robert Plant gives me butterflies but I thought an entire evening of it might be, er, a little much of that style of music.) In contrast, the Van Halen reunion show here sold out almost immediately
  6. rainydaywoman

    First Kiss

    That's a lovely reminiscence. I played spin the bottle when I was in grade school but my first "real" kiss was with a boy I didn't like much in his basement when I was 14. He wasn't very bright and had a face like a turnip but his mother was verbally abusive to him (even in front of company) so I was in a kindly mood when he put the moves on me. He had some skills, though, and when one of my friends wound up dating him for several years I didn't wonder why.
  7. That's a little weird but I'm sure he could get some girls to volunteer.
  8. Fifty isn't too old and in fact I think it's better to wait. Bodies and tastes change over time. If I had gotten a tattoo at twenty I shudder to think of the of horrifying thing I might be carrying around with me for life: I'm only joking about the Robert Crumb tattoo, but I do think if you get a tattoo when you're young it's good to exercise foresight: pick a relatively unchanging body part (biceps, shoulderblades, calves) and a design that won't literally brand you as a person with poor judgment. I personally wouldn't tattoo any body part I wouldn't want closely inspected, but I als
  9. I think Jewel is too trivial an artist for that pairing to produce anything worthwhile. She has a pretty voice but when I'm not at the dentist's office I would rather not listen to her. Besides, there are some legitimately good folk musicians out now like Jose Gonzalez and Joanna Newsom. I'm not suggesting either of those would be good pairings with Robert Plant; I'm just using them as examples of how this decade is producing much more interesting folk music than the last.
  10. Did anyone catch the Plant/Krauss show at Red Rocks? I couldn't go (I was away at the beach ) and I'm curious about how it was. I love the venue but I was wondering how well it worked with that style of music.
  11. I find this ironic too. I think it is part of a general misperception that LZ is a metal band. It's also funny to me because just a few days ago I was watching the Royal Albert Hall footage and I noticed Jimmy Page was wearing an argyle sweater vest. Somehow I can't picture any of the guys from Iron Maiden wearing argyle sweater vests onstage!
  12. Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder's "Innervisions"
  13. That's a sweet picture. He's just adorable.
  14. I like Sister Rosetta and Polly Come Home the very best, but I'm a Tom Waits fan so I also really like Trampled Rose. RP's voice doesn't sound exactly as it once did, but it still sounds good. It's what I would call a "bedroom voice" now, which is loooooovely.
  15. I love RP's voice and consider him completely integral to the LZ sound, so I don't think they should call it LZ without him, however, I would love to see the others perform with Ann Wilson. She's got the pipes, enough reverence to be faithful to RP's style of singing, and she's not just a cheap replacement--an insult. It would really pain me if the others toured as LZ with someone like DC.
  16. Poor JPJ. I thought for sure someone would vote for him---he's cute!
  17. I have a silly crush on Robert Plant and it doesn't bother my husband--he thinks it's funny. He doesn't want to do the list thing, though. Somehow a list makes it a little less funny to him.
  18. So many people are registered with this site I thought it would take too long to find a Zep-related name no one else had taken, so I decided to base my name off the Dylan song. Also, I grew up in the mid-Atlantic and I love the rain, of which I don't get enough here. Plus, "The Rain Song" is among my absolute favorite LZ songs.
  19. I love the "blowing into a beer bottle" pic. Blowing into beer bottles is also one of my favorite pastimes.
  20. A few years ago I attempted to listen to AK but I couldn't get into it. I could recognize that she was technically good but I just didn't like her music. After listening to Raising Sand I can appreciate her more, and two of my favorite tracks from the album are tracks in which she, rather than RP, really has the spotlight: "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" and "Trampled Rose." I can see how some LZ fans could listen to this collaboration and be disappointed, but it really had the opposite effect on me: it made me more receptive to an artist I had previously dismissed. I also think RP's
  21. That was an interesting interview; he talks about what a sweet person JJ was and how they had a "meeting of minds and bodies." I'm pretty sure it's on youtube, but I don't remember what year it was done.
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