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  1. my god, never seen any live photos with him using a double bass drum only in the communiction breakdown video, anyone know mif theres any bootlegs wit him using two bass drums?
  2. only band where all members are the best at what they do!! all 1# in the meledy maker poll
  3. deco

    pats delight

    anyone heard the show in 68 at gonzaga my god pats delight is absolute genuis!!
  4. damn it!! was just thinkin that channel 4 had to be the greatest channel on earth
  5. have heard jennnigs farm blues, not the other two tho i always thought i'd heard nearly every unreleased tracks, but it seems i've missed a few always a delight hearing new zep stuff!!
  6. hearing those two outtakes form IV would be absolutly amazing!!!
  7. yeah check it out!! i really wanna hear tsrts from "listen to this eddie" now,, but i cant get it anywhere!!
  8. yeah bonham's usually a king on how many more times! thanks for the replies folks, i'm a drummer so its always genius to here some sweet new recording!!
  9. anyone have any ideas of bonhams best performance on bootleg? i've heard a few little snippits that are amazing the drums on an outtakes song entitled jam are fuckin phenomanol!!!!!! any ideas anyone??
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