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  1. They both suck big time!!!
  2. I believe it is just a matter of time. Jimmy want's it to happen it seems. Just imagine how difficult it will be to get tickets and how expensive though. If they hit NY City for example, they would have to play 6 or 7 nights at the Garden to please most fans. I think outdoor venues are unlikely. Maybe Dome stadiums though? I'll travel wherever I have to but it will be tough getting tickets.
  3. If you can book middle of the week departing and returning this will also help.
  4. The one thing that will always save you big money is the ability to book well in advance. I know it isn't always possible. But it makes the world of differance. I saved hundreds flying to Florida because I booked 5 months in advance.
  5. Heard on news tonight it may be $4.50 a gallon in a week. Ouch. One dude thinks the answer is diesel engines.
  6. I really think the Lakers will sweep them at home. But they will have to win one in Boston. Boston has proved they are not good on the road. But they cant just play the perimiter game or they will be beaten. I am not a fan of either. So my opinion is that of an outside unbiased observer. Boston was probably lucky to get the Lakers rather than San Antonio. Because of the inside advantage. Next year Houston get Ming back and should be tough. So will New Orleans, Lakers and Phoenix. Think age will catch up with San Antonio. The West is far better still.
  7. My daughter's boyfriend called me on my cell today. Thought it was a wrong number. Said my daughter came home last night and thinks they should go their seperate ways. They have been together over 4 years and live together. Very suprizing news to me and I could only get my daughter to text me. Said she isn't happy. I feel bad for her boyfriend as I know what its like to get burned by women. I told him he is always welcome to come over.
  8. I saw America right after they released the Album with Tin Man. They were fabulous in concert.
  9. Where do you get the chickens and the hippies and all the little inserts? I wont even waste my time reading the main topic in this thread. If anyone was ever accused of this type of shit it was Ozzie or Alice Cooper, not Led Zeppelin.
  10. Was either Whole Lotta Love or Communication Breakdown. I thought to myself, nobody will ever play lead guitar as good as this. Ever. And I think i was right.
  11. Hi all. I see there are many "welcome" posts. So I just picked one at random. I am a huge fan of Led Zeppelin. Love southern rock also as well as Pink Floyd, and the Beatles (who doesn't love the Beatles?). I have hit many sites. This one is very impressive!
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