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  1. Ya, I although there 3 best albums were the final 3 and they also happened to have sold the least: - Elegantly Wasted - Full Moon Dirty Hearts - Welcome To Wherever You Are
  2. The Tea Party on there 1st album Splendor Solis in a pub which holds 1500 people, it was really really loud
  3. I just responded to another thread somewhere else on this site which mentioned Inxs Rock Star type of thing for Led Zeppelin and it got me thinking - I wonder what kind of guy Michael Hutchence was like? A nice fellow with problems or an ass? He had a real good voice and stage moves I guess.
  4. I wish she was available for a good shag at my place...
  5. The Journey thing is a f*cking joke, how many lead singers have they had now? 12 or 13? And each singer gets to be in the band for what 3 weeks?
  6. What happened to The Tea Party? They were a band which really had a cool vibe about them. I bought most of there albums but they don't seem to be around anymore. Anyone know what happened to them? I often wondered what they were like as people.
  7. Yeah I picked it up as well and must confess that it kicks ass, I like that tune, not sure the track number but it's called "C'mon C'mon", it has a real Gary Glitter meets T Rex feel with some modern stuff thrown in. Also like a tune on it called "Cruise Control" which sounds really angry with a dark bass vibe about it off the start. There singer sounds better now then he did when he screamed his ass off back in the day, he actually sings which is nice compared to that shit they get lumped in from the 80's.
  8. After my first wife I would have agreed with that statement! She tried to take me for everything I was worth. The good news is I married again and it has worked out just fine.
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