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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful replies on this topic. I also thought that the show got better after the first two songs, but I did not know all the reasons for it. No Quarter, yes, yes, In My Time of Dying.....they absolutely nailed that one, I had goose bumps the very first time I heard it...........YES!!! How about For Your Life....they nailed it!!...I was electrified!! Dazed and Confused---excellent! If you want to get nit-picky---I could have heard the keyboards in the mix a little more prominently on some songs. Overall I am very happy with this recording. I sort of
  2. I am mystified at the lack of attention this album gets. ALS is my favorite all time LZ song. There is some great energy on all the tracks, and I think the longest songs are also the best ones. This album rocks! Apart from P.G. and L.Z. 4, this is my favorite release.
  3. I feel bad for ya fenderguy. Some stupid f***

    stole Physical Graffiti (vynil) from my locker in high school. That was a while back but it still hurts.


  4. Hey fenderguy, we went to the same show! I still live in St. Paul, grew up here. That was a great venue, I went to tons of shows at the old St. Paul, Civic Center! The best ones were the general admission, we'd hang out in the lobby all day to be the first ones in to get to stand by the stage. Those were some fun times!

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