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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful replies on this topic. I also thought that the show got better after the first two songs, but I did not know all the reasons for it. No Quarter, yes, yes, In My Time of Dying.....they absolutely nailed that one, I had goose bumps the very first time I heard it...........YES!!! How about For Your Life....they nailed it!!...I was electrified!! Dazed and Confused---excellent! If you want to get nit-picky---I could have heard the keyboards in the mix a little more prominently on some songs. Overall I am very happy with this recording. I sort of get the criticisms of the video, but since I care a lot more about the audio, I am saying, what the hell! The most controversial thing I can say about this release is that after hearing it, I think Plant is nuts for not wanting to get back with the band and tour. I actually think his singing is better now without the excessive vocal mannerisms. I really love this recording. Peace. Excessive to all, and to all a good night, Fenderguy
  2. Bad Economy? Not For Bourbon Makers WLEX-TV updated 9:44 a.m. CT, Thurs., July. 3, 2008 LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (AP) - To Wild Turkey master distiller Jimmy Russell, the piercing sounds of a warehouse rising in the Kentucky countryside are the sounds of prosperity. "As long as you see work going on - and the construction, and increasing your size - you know your business is doing well," said Russell, who started working for the bourbon maker in 1954. Distillers are expanding their bourbon production and storage and dispatching sales teams around the world, bullish for a traditionally Southern beverage gaining popularity worldwide. Surging exports, the weak U.S. dollar and rising popularity among younger Americans are driving the boom. "It's an exciting time to be in the bourbon business," said Max L. Shapira, president of Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc., a family-owned liquor company based in Bardstown. "Most of the time that I've been in the business - up until about the last 10 years - everybody was trying to consign the bourbon category to that great liquor store in the sky." Heaven Hill recently spent nearly $4 million boosting capacity 50 percent at its distillery in Louisville, where it makes Evan Williams and Elijah Craig bourbons. Wild Turkey, part of beverage company Pernod Ricard SA, based in France, sold more than 1 million cases worldwide last year for the first time. Its $36 million expansion near Lawrenceburg will nearly double its production. The distillery at Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey in Lynchburg, Tenn., is about to undergo a nearly $6 million addition to install nine more fermenters. Maker's Mark is preparing for a second expansion. And Jim Beam, the world's biggest bourbon maker, is in the midst of a $70 million expansion in Kentucky. Beam and Maker's are part of Fortune Brands Inc.
  3. There really are many different ways that a woman can be attractive. I happen to like all those different ways. Here's the love of my life, Linda Oneil in three different pictures: Here she is looking like the very beautiful "girl next door", a real sight for sore eyes. I would love go the the beach with her. Yeowwwwwwww! Then after the beach, the start of a hot evening.
  4. I think I look really good in that bathing suit!!
  5. Wow---Good choices for this thread!! I can't tell which one I like the best. I need more pictures of each one of these women to make things more, uh, conclusive....uh, ..that's right, conclusive.
  6. Meeeeeeeoooooww!!!!!!! You just gotta love women.
  7. Linda Oneil---What a babe!!
  8. Two shots of Bourbon in a glass with Coke and ice.....very refreshing indeed!! That will take the edge off of a stressfull day at the office. Makers Mark is good stuff, really good, but it costs about ten dollars more per bottle than 101 proof wild turkey. BTW, I too managed to vomit when I was a junior in high school after drinking way too much southern comfort. I can also attest that for years afterwards the smell of it makes you want to throw up again. Technically Southern Comfort is not a Bourbon, but apparently is very poplular for all the wrong reasons.
  9. That should almost be illegal. But I'm damn glad it isn't.
  10. I thought Coverdale's singing improved the longer he stayed in Deep Purple, and I bought Burn, Stormbringer, and Come Taste the Band. As far as the Whitesnake stuff, I never bought any of it, but it seemed like it was ok, just ok.
  11. The Crunge, Royal Orleans, Hots on For Nowhere, ....................Achilles Last Stand is somewhat funky. How about the live version of Whole Lotta Love from the DVD?
  12. Meoooow!!! Here kitty kitty kitty...................................................
  13. Thanks for the video. I love SRV. So, do you think he has the strength to carry her over the threshold?
  14. I'm glad for you on that, but please don't post a picture on this thread to prove it!!!!
  15. So, uh, based on this photograph, is this a place where everyone knows your name?
  16. Very naturally beautiful----my personal favorite look is the hot girl-next door type and these girls have got it----I love these shots--- I suppose these gals are from your hometown too, like some of the others you posted.......... ----I think I need to move to your neighborhood. They probably talk with that soft southern drawl too...............well, uh, if you'll excuse me..................
  17. Yeeeeeooooowwww!! I don't know which one of those I like more because I like all of them.
  18. As far as I'm concerned, if these problems can't be solved with our current technology, then we should go back to the old way of distribution and have a limit of four tickets to a customer. The whole thing has gotten offensively greedy to me. The current system is broken, wrong, and it needs to change for the better.
  19. You seem to appreciate naturally beautiful women. Nice.
  20. Yup, you have a bunch of greedy assholes wrecking it for the dedicated fans that can't cough up half a week's pay for a concert of the band they love.
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