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    Photos !

    Looking Glass Falls Asheville Sliding Rock Asheville Chimney Rock Asheville Biltmore House 1 Biltmore House 2
  2. Single. Good thing too. I have no idea why society thinks everyone should be married? Anyone? Rolls>> That reminds me I need to change my My Space. I am just back in the dating scene, soooo.
  3. Yes Yes Yes. I am so happy you had a good time. Didnt you sell of your Les Paul or something to go lol. I wish I were a fly on the wall right now... Rolls>>
  4. Only if your into orgies?
  5. Yeah, Takes too much energy, YAWN///// Brrr it's cold in here....shit I was just defending MOA. A bit nipply I say. Rolls>>
  6. This is where sending them a PM comes in. Just PM someone and ask them. At least that's what I do Rolls>>>
  7. Shit, If I were gay I would marry Jimmy lmao. I think he would have to fly us to France though for some operations lol. Rolls>>
  8. If I were a girl I would marry Jimmy...dunno why? I guess he has been a hero for as long as I can recall. Rolls>>>
  9. You bath at night if at all...I lived with you lmao. You started this by something about a nose and teeth and paying for things, not I I I. if anyone wants to see a recent pic, well I will email it to them personally. Now shove off ok? You lied about so many things already nobody trusts you....visiting Robert Plants Cottage for one.... It is not our fault your a liar Pb, get some help. You need it. I forgave you a million times to be hammered again and again and again. But I will load up with solicitors if need be. edk/zandorit
  10. You think your princess di anyoo, so he will definately be on to you lmao.
  11. Your looking good, like the T-Shirt . Rolls>>>
  12. Ok then that means I have rights to use it if its on the www, heeeeee. Rolls>>>
  13. Ohhhh HELL YES! Glad you got to go. More pics 'sits and awaits the drool/persperation to arrive.' Rolls>>>
  14. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for the pic...
  15. Hiya Angel, How are you luv? Never listened to much Opera, maybe I will give it a go/// Rolls>>
  16. The one clip which was put on UTUBE was obviously all pro. So I think we will get a DVD. I think they wont exactly do a grand tour as in the past, but will do smaller list of dates some time. Full blown tours are too exhausting Rolls>>>
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