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  1. I've read that's pretty much the way Jonesy preferred it. His comfort zone was a bit different no? Rolls>>>
  2. Absolutely, seems I recall many many dead set that JP/JPJ/RP would never reunite. I was one who said they would. I paid attention to my "gut feelings." The term is very loosely used. Fight or flight phenomenon would be a very good example of "gut feelings." We can only dream of what these feelings may have been in the past. Our gut feelings are a combination of many many things. Not just whimsy Rolls>>>
  3. I love how you put that "You dont have to leave the past behind to move forward." Believe it or not, many think the opposite. Rolls>>>
  4. I'm with you, pidgeonholing people is kinda offensive. Two wrongs dont make a right. The way I would see this as far as the guys go. Dont make a forum or place for the same behavior. Make one for saying how most men really feel. We love our women, but societal norms have made it to where we arent supposed to say this over and over, it will really be viewed as a female type behaviour. Now all you girls know guys are taught "be tough, dont show your feelings, yada yada." But when we dont the coin is turned. Makes it a catch 22 situation. I have a huge sense of humour. Guys please dont make a place to counter this, chuckles. It goes nowhere. Be sensible. Rolls>>>
  5. I think it will be an awesome show and most everyone has realistic expectations. Anyone who really puts any thought into it knows they wont sound exactly the same or act the same. I wish I was going, have seen them but would love to see them (most of them) again. Rolls>>>
  6. Your computers memory was holding it in cache files. Next time try hitting reload Rolls>>>
  7. I hope his new release will be up to snuff. But then it is hard to improve on such a demanding past. Oh well, let's pray the music keeps coming. That will keep me happy. Rolls>>>
  8. I saw Page during the Outrider tour and he unleashed one hell of a performance. I think it's an album which kinda grows on ya. Rolls>>>
  9. Led Zeppelin is definately the greatest band of all time. Rolls>>>
  10. I have to also say that's too much money for a lump of wood. Rolls>>> PS I see you got your avatar working.
  11. Some really cool Pagey pics! Keep em coming... Rolls>>>
  12. I have to agree, would be a very nice addition. Rolls>>>
  13. Yes the new site is very nice and sometimes a change is good! Rolls>>>
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