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  1. You must be a Zappa fan. I love the Zapp stuff. Saw Frank at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, god I tried to make a list of all the bands I've seen and lost track long ago. Cleveland was always great pickings for rock shows. I kinda miss being there, but got too darned cold for me. Oh good to see you mate PM me some time. Rolls>> Currently leaving factory of the metaphysical muffin configurations>>>>
  2. This comes from people who are jealous lol. I hate to hear anyone trash zeppelin. Oh well I guess your gonna get this And how are you today? Rolls>>>
  3. It looks like from the one youtube recording it was recorded pro. Soooo I will pray for a DVD. I am glad I saw JP do the laser thing live in Cleveland with Jason Bonham on drums. Gorgeous show for all to see. Sound was a bit muddy because Public Auditorium has never been the greatest, but stilll nice to see Pagey was gonna play or tour no matter what RP was doing lol Thanks so much for all the news guys/gals . Rolls>>>
  4. Very depressing after what was pulled on me. HOWEVER my friends thank EWE very much for the li tidbits Rolls>>> PS I will pray for a new DVD...and a tour in 2008 or 2009. Or even just a few shows. Just PLEASE dont do them in some raffle jiggy bob that was a solid ass fuck up.
  5. Hey, That's one of my fav songs. Anyone ever tell you you look like Iggy Pop Rolls PS About the state of things much of the time huh. From my experience anyonw, lyrics that is?
  6. Right now I'm listening to the furnace fan run lol. I think I will throw on NQ from the FBO best of PP 1989-1998. Just an awesome set of exclusive SB recordings... Cheers, Rolls>>>
  7. Now you two kiss and make up. How about teach stands you in the closet after a spanky? You naughty duo, we saw you in the closet under all those coats. Wanna clap erasers in the cold? Cheers all, and GOOD MORNING. May the spirits bring you peace, love and bliss. Rolls >>>>
  8. True: Your signature is so cool. Which show was that from or was it done in photoshop? False?
  9. Love your Xmas deco. Do the kids hang them from the tree ? Rolls >>>
  10. Awww, she is so nice...we are lucky to have you with us manders danders...I have missed tons too. Wasn't feeling well after a ton of stress and just rested a bunch. Now after a boatload of coffee I will be good as new. Anyone know of a really good web host? I have just been screwed over by a crew who calls themselves Lunar Hosts or Lunar Pages. I like speed, a nice C Panel and plenty of room on a Linux server . Cheers, Rolls >>>
  11. Hey, Who let you in on our evil plot?
  12. Hmph, party poopers....what the heck is wrong with a man loving an awesome bod? IMO, if we didnt mankind would have gone extinct many moons ago. Rolls>>>
  13. Awww man, I am Jonesing for those legs, darn!
  14. Man I'm glad I don't smoke. I used to but I have been quit for a long time now. Earplugs? Too loud? There's no such thing lmao. If you think it's gonna be 2 loud, well next time let my tympanic membranes give yours a rest. I willl gladly go for you . FREE OF CHARGE! edk/zandorit Rolls>>>
  15. You always make me laugh, cheers>>>>
  16. Mmmmmm hmmmmm, man oh man oh man. She's a lil hottie, who could blame Lumbering.S for following her about...plays a mean fiddle too . edk/zandorit Rolls>>>
  17. Yeah, washing them is no fun. I used to sell satt dishes is why I thought of it. Ello Joel from long days past. Hello all>>>>
  18. Didn't come out the greatest Ft Lauderdale
  19. I collapsed once from not enough sleep and rest. Was standing in the loo, next think I knew I woke up in the bleeding tub. Quite literally bleeding. If you dont get the proper amount of rest, in due time a safety mechanism will pull you out. Do get your rest, I was in work and classes at the time, working 3 jobs and classes over full time too. Counselors made me cut it out edk/zandorit Rolls>>> edit <sp>
  20. I like Westerns and John Wayne. Was watching this movie in the wee hours of the morn many years ago and along comes this bird singing Gallis Pole/I was like OMG! BTW, people I cloaked to check things out. I get pummeled with emails. Hiya Bruce, Nech, and all from FBO and the old dodfree site. Sammy, gorgeous ass work mate. Thes boards are hard to pick apart. Cheers, edk/zandorit
  21. Yeah, Let's put it to rest guys. DesireZep was trying to make conversation. She can be a world of information for visitors. And their "aint" none of us perfect. I was ticked and I apologise if anyone was offended. How can it be worse than the Lumber Sluts thread? Shit I cant remember dates..... Cheers, edk/zandorit. PEACE//
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