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  1. Yes and there's a mad sense of irony to the whole thing right now. I guess it's true, some people think they can buy anything. Well at least until they run into someone with morals to set em straight. "When she gets there she knows if the stores are ALL CLOSED, with a word she can get what she came for." Word up cash, moolah, coin Rolls>>>
  2. I think the point is if you were on dial up it would. Can you imagine? I couldnt even use dial up. I would absolutely freak. Sorry, I thought most everywhere had broadband. Have you thought about a dish? Rolls>>>
  3. How about the Ketchup Incident? Where they scrogged that bird with the Mudsharkie? That has to be a new one on the world. Baby did you know you smell like fish? Whewwweeee. Rolls>>>
  4. The greasy wet spot in many womens knickers Of course I'm sure we all have had a handle, errrrrr grasp, ummmmmmm, damn I get in deeper uhhhh gentlemen get me outta this tight spot ? I mean hole.... darn it. Rolls>>>
  5. Steves right about one thing, there's more daft thing's on here that you can shake a shit at. I mean come on, the temperature in London? How to dress, how to smoke. I say wear clothes and smoke until someone makes you put it out. As far as "desirezep" I know her personally and she's a good person at heart, just real confusing, but then again I have been accused of the same. Rolls>>>
  6. Or make it to where you have to CTRL C/CTRL V a code in would suffice.
  7. When do the lap dancers get here? That outta cheer everyone up Rolls>>>
  8. Hey, I am still dieing to see your angel pray some more.....you know the woke up praying thing. Come on Angel????? Get that winged wanged winkies praying. Rolls>>
  9. The wanking dog lmao. Maybe we should start a wanking dog thread, we had the wanking cat. Nahhhhh, yeeeeees, nahhhhh I added a pic of me, didnt turn out good buuut wtf. Thanks Nickster Rolls >>>>
  10. Man did you ever hit that right on the nose
  11. Now there's an idea. I am gonna rent a Jaguar XJ and cruise the University burbs I will play Zeppelin until the windows shatter in it. Rolls>>>
  12. Thank you EL. Maybe they will do another show sometime. At least LZ helped prove what this person is really like . Can you even imagine a partner doing something like that? Rolls>>
  13. I'm not, because I was screwed out of going to the show because of someone who CLAIMED they loved me. Soooo, I wont feel sorry for myself. However I am angry and I wont have anything else to do with them. That ended it, then and there. They did it by choice and to me malicious. Rolls>>>
  14. 1. I keep my home very neat. 2. I love candlelight dinners. a. Has to be cloth napkins, silver, crystal. b. Silverware is in proper order. c. Romantic music is a plus. I just despise paper napkins. Ambiance with meals take off stress of the world. Rolls>>>
  15. Sounds like a nightmare I have one about falling and crashing Zeppelins. Rolls>>>
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