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  1. Yes...we were born nude, wet and excited Rolls >>>
  2. Is that saying guitar god? Or Clapton is god. I agree that Clapton/Beck put their stamp on it. And that many others to follow did too. I forget where I read this tidbit. I guess I should have rephrased it to say the term "guitar god" wasnt used much or as popular until Led Zeppelin. Now as far as Heavy Metal goes, I am afraid LZ was considered more a "Hard Rock" band than "Heavy Metal." "Heavy Metal," is a whole diff ball of wax. I never cared for that term much, but hey nothing I can do about people applying it across many genres of music. Acid Rock was another term. I dunno if that's been posted....but anyhoooo. Everyone have fun, relax, peace, love and hippy shit to everyone Rolls>>> PS Anyone see Fat Freddy? Tell him to get that stinkin cat out from under me porch eh?
  3. Makes sense to me. This is why I have people help me remember dates. Everything else I have almost a photographic memory. I never forget anything. Oh well, no harm done either way, and this is about the best fucking band that ever was anyhooooo I've been around the block lol. Cheers, >>>Rolls
  4. First Performance As The New Yardbirds.... Nobody knew on the night of September 7, 1968 at the Gladsaxe Teen Club (Copenhagen, Denmark http://www.angel.dk/zeppelin/Pages/ZEPovers1.html As far as you know thats the only "known" recording right. And not to argue, but new ones come along all the time. Right? I am horrible with dates too. This is quite true, I cannot remember dates hardly at all. Especially on theh obscure things. Wheres Bruce Deerhake when need him. Rolls>>> Ohhh good posts btw, I may have to pull those links, I dunno.
  5. 1. I put this here to show that they were called The New Yardbirds. 2. This is not my site selling whatever it is. 3. How is it you knew it was there and I didnt? In other words what I am saying is the err, is with them and not I. Cheers>>>
  6. The New Yardbirds/ http://bp1.blogger.com/_YYPGjGon3Z4/RYWkT7...600-h/backs.jpg Bootleg link edited out. Thank's for the heads up guys...
  7. Don't trust Rolling Stone mag when it comes to Led Zeppelin. If there's anything you can trust me on its this . Rolls>>>
  8. I have also heard him referred to as Satan...anyone care to elaborate on how someone can be called "God" and "Satan." I mean come on lmao Good one ReR. Love the way you make people laugh, you little DEVILU
  9. I wouldn't worry if I were you. The way I look at it is we will get more music any way you thread it. Now in the past people kept saying to me "They wont reunite, or get together" "Yes they will too, you wait and see they will mend fences because they do really love each other." They want a certain amount of freedom to evolve and I see nothing wrong with doing both Rolls>>> And to all you doubters that kept wanting to fuss with me before? I TOOOOLD YOU SO, take that
  10. Hi Becky. Did you ever get that angel praying for me? Cheers luv...

  11. Tinkerbell. The lyrics are from LZ "The Wanton Song." Thanks.

  12. And I have seen people who "claim" to be LZ experts that do not have the foggiest of an idea what they are talking about. Anyone who would use LZ to make money teaching classes and then trash them is just beyond my scope of rational as far as a reasonable person. oxyMORONIC? Yes! Rolls>>> Oh the foot is for the reporter lol.
  13. He is jealous and a moron, which are a pretty dangerous combination in my book. You wanna trash LZ, well come see me, especially in the mood I am in right now. I will put my foot up your arse, rotate it and then cram in down your bleeding throat Rolls>>
  14. The term "Guitar God." Pretty much came along after Zeppelin. Before them it wasnt used. Rolls >>> Didn't they invent velcro? No! Sorry that was Star Trek.
  15. Thanks for helping me sort that out NZ Rolls>>>
  16. Thats funny. Touche. You got me kiddo. I think we all have to control something lmao. You asked if we used them girl I dont care.... Rolls>>>
  17. I don't use it. I like to give everyone an opportunity to "word." Rolls>>> Hiya FM!
  18. It means things are quite messed up pure and simple. How is the latter reference involved in this tangledness? It's brit slang on both hands, a mess in the hedges, or a mess in your pubic hair. Simple Rolls>>>
  19. Comes from too much time on your hands, lmao I dont see anything more in that image than something that looks a tiny bit similar to a dog or sorts. Pure coincidence. Rolls>>>
  20. Well, The thread topic says "What were they called." As far as for our purposes, many people remember them as being "The New Yardbirds." And that's what was in newspapers and such. The posters I am unsure about. I think there's at least one that is though. Good topic Rolls>>>
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