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  1. Hi Ishita are you feeling any better ? Rolls>>>
  2. Currently drinking a cup of hot tea/one sugar . Rolls>>>
  3. My favorite food is... Well, actually I love most seafood. Rolls>>>
  4. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/pleasereadtheletter/?e%20
  5. Oh god, I am in tears......can I pop a gut now?
  6. What I hate is when they accuse Planty of screaming. Bunch of jealous farts is all it is.
  7. Thanks leg! Here's a story everyone needs to hear. Needs a thread but hey I am having trouble follwing the board already. How do you know when they aren't Zeppelin fans? When they say "I am a big fan of HIM." Was in a taxi recently, we started chatting about LZ because of some memorabilia I was carrying, nothing unusual for me lol. Anyhoo, drive acts all excites rolling on about how he was a huge fan of "him?" "Led Zeppelin were 4 bandmembers not one person" "I know, I know you know who the drummer was MY I know he's dead and my favorite song HAS TO BE In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" "Led Zeppelin didn't do that song, Iron Butterfly did that song" "No, your kidding me, my brother is a bigger fan than me and he says they did" "Oh ok, I know it's not true anyways, call library or something" "Yeah, you know I was so sad about their drummer dieing because he was the best out of them. You know him right, Keith Moon" "Moon didn't play for LZ they played for The Who, chuckles, your brother is yanking your chain man." I get out of the taxi shaking my head. Rolls>>>>
  8. ledzeprolls

    "Broken Wing"

    I do believe this boils down to control issues as far as I can tell. It depends on how old they are and if they want to be controlled or not also. Over controlling people can be a right pain in the arse. This I've seen in relationships. Depends on how young were talking too. Personally I wouldn't be involved with a really young girl myself. They are immature, think about instant gratification and cash! I can show you how to do the mouseovers or about anything to do with computers. For the most part from repair to design. Generally... Rolls>>>
  9. Thank's for adding me as your friend!


  10. http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/inde...concert-poster/ On a new and obscure note...when was Led Zeppelin billed wrong on another concert poster? My memory is a bit off on this one. Rolls>>>
  11. Apparantly they were also called "the eX Yardbirds." http://www.exetermemories.co.uk/EM/60s_ent...nt.html#beatles
  12. Just kidding Manders.....no offense
  13. oh man, here comes danders
  14. Jimmy Page/Sorceror/Sorcerors Apprentice/Axe Wizard.
  15. The New Yardbirds was on the table because of contractual obligations by JP with Yardbirds and it was "billed," as "The New Yardbirds" instead of Led Zeppelin...
  16. You must have difficulty with the term "Additionally."
  17. Someone said there should be a class taught and I said I'd look in to it and forgot. Nestor, isn't that taught at UCLA? South Rolls>>>
  18. Hey ReR. Good to see you here. Welcome aboard! Rolls>>>
  19. I know for certain that close friends call him Planty too. I guess there's the connection. That's very interesting. Guitar God, Wizard may apply for JP I dunno. >>>Rolls
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