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  1. Well, I guess we'll have to give them a few more days. I'm still calling shenanigans due to the source of the rumors. When the one true source comes forward then I'll be in.
  2. Why would they waste their time? This is probably par for the course with them. They know the world waits with baited breath for them to announce a full blown tour. Why take the time to quell rumors that have circulated for years? They've never said anything to the contrary before... should they now?
  3. You can just crawl right out of my ass, mate. I don't have time to thumb through 10+ pages of asinine tripe to get to the meat. My comments were based on the initial first posts. It shows how eager people are to chomp at the bit though when we're now on page 12 of this mindless dribble. yourself!
  4. This thread is hilarious. When dates are announced through the very site that we are posting on then and only then will they be official. Hanging on the coattails of some two-bit British rag is just too funny. As you were.
  5. Yes. John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham (May 31, 1948 – September 25, 1980)
  6. Interesting. This site definitely has a rabid fan base. I voted!
  7. Good to hear esraym. You give old farts like me hope for the future. Glad your aboard!
  8. More remasters on vinyl please! And the 5.1 treatment as well.
  9. First Zep show I found was the vinyl bootleg 'Persistence'. While I treasure it as my very first boot, it's not the best show or quality either. But I still love it.
  10. January 22, 1973 - Southampton Robert's voice is definitely hurting but they are on fire at this gig!
  11. I saw that too. Was about to hop on but I have reservations and would like someone else to offer an opinion.
  12. While not my favorite Zep album it holds it's own in my collection. My favorite track by far is 'In The Evening'. I fell in love with that song the first time I ever heard it. The real question here goes out to the vinyl fans. Which alternate cover do you have? This is the one I have:
  13. Respectfully disagree. That show was absolute shit.
  14. Oh the sweet irony. I just got done watching 'Return Of The King' and stumbled upon this thread. Nice job kicking Gollum's ass Sam. Say, how hot was it inside of Mount Doom anyhow? Tell the missus I like the idea of Celtic Art. I'm a descendant of Celtic heritage myself.
  15. Greetings from the U.S. Tangerine. No time like the present to start collecting vinyl. It's rising in popularity again. The best things from the past always mount a comeback if they're worth it. Cheers!
  16. You can listen to Led Zeppelin in your head without any music being on. What I mean by this is that their music is so familiar to me know that I can think of nearly any song title and instantly my brain becomes my own personal music player. I got to thinking about the band's music last night and I tried to challenge myself to see if I could pick any song title at random and see how quick the song could come up in my mind. I was surprised. I hope I'm not alone on this.
  17. Another smashing(pun intended) ode to the power of Bonzo. Bill Ward was no slouch on the drums either. But that's hilarious.
  18. Nice ink DD. You going to get any color or shading on that? I have a good friend that has the four symbols in black ink with blue shading. Looks killer.
  19. Allow me to correct myself. Now I know these tapes will never see the light of day.
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