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  1. Looks like they will be playing it again tomorrow night at 9.. http://video.msg.com/Home/This-Week-on-Music-Fridays-7 But this time you can win free tickets to the Madison Square Garden concert of you choice if you answer a question about it here: http://www.msg.com/contests/music-fridays
  2. will be featured on the MSG Network this friday.. Just wanted to give you all the heads up, I haven't seen that movie in so long I'll probably be watching it.. Got my info here: http://www.msg.com/tv/shows/music-fridays/music-fridays-1.42548
  3. Saw Zeppelin at Bonnaroo 2 years ago and remember it being a pretty good time. I know they won't be performing this year but I found this sweet contest where you can win free tickets, travel, accommodations and more, so I figure it's worth a try. Might be cool to go even if Zeppelin isn't there. Heres the contest link for anyone interested: http://fuse.tv/contests_and_games/keys-to-barn/
  4. O well doesnt look like that happened.. the vote is over and Michael won.. http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2010/02/01/100-best-the-gardens-greatest-concerts-poll-we-have-a-winner/ It looks like they are trying to have another vote tho.. this one is for the honorable mention.. Zeppelin isnt in it but i should be interesting to see who wins this one.. http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2010/02/01/best-of-the-rest-100-best-honorable-mentions-photo-gallery-and-poll/
  5. Oh I see.. Anyway it looks like zeppelin is catching up a little bit maybe we can take second.
  6. Who plays it?? There are so many to choose from and my friend just sent me a clip of Rodrigo y Gabriela covering Stairway and its pretty good. You can hear it here: http://msg.com/guitar/ What do you guys think?
  7. I think it makes you wait the full 24 hours before you can vote again. Ex. if you voted at 6 yesterday you cant vote again until 6 today..
  8. the stones are nowhere near winning this one.. Zeppelin is in 3rd as of now but i think that may be the higest we can go since Michael Jackson is in the poll twice..
  9. Round three started today.. this time we are up against the top 5's from each decade.. LZ is doing pretty good right now but start voting http://msg.com/photos/100-best-madison-square-garden-shows-top-20/slide/1/
  10. LZ is in 3rd as of right now... The stones are wayyyyyyyyy ahead but hey LZ is in third and that aint bad.. i'm gonna vote just to keep theme there at least
  11. The voting has started again for the top 10!! I want to see Zeppelin win this one so start voting.. http://msg.com/photos/100-best-madison-square-garden-shows-top-10-of-the-1970s-/slide/1/
  12. Ahh.. we need to keep voting!! "Round One of the 100 Best: 1970s vote ends today at noon ET. The top-10 finishers from each decade will move on to the next round, which begins December 3." But at least Zep will be in the top 10 and then we have the chance of beating the stones then.
  13. I just voted and Zeppelin is in the lead! but Elvis and the Stones are right behind
  14. I've heard that Jazz fest is actually really good. I didn't make Bonnaroo due to money troubles (what else) but according to this http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=1123182 they chose some of the best performances to air on tv this weekend.. the whole lineup is on there for the tv show
  15. I haven't seen any live music in awhile.. missed coechella which was a total bummer. Made plans for Langerado but that got canceled. Thinking about checking out Bonnaroo. What are some festivals you folks are going to this summer? Any smaller somewhat obscure ones I should check out?
  16. I'm checking out Fuse's new show "Rock and Roll Acid Test" -- just the name alone seems quite interesting.. haha -- but it's similar to myth busters! Sounds pretty rad so ima check it out.. found this link that might help those.. http://fuse.tv/ontv/shows/rock-and-roll-acid-test/ it's either that or watching the euro cup soccer highlights on espn2-- croatia better win!
  17. Anyone going to see Robert Plant and Allison Krause (sp?!) at Bonnaroo this summer. I'm so stoked for this lineup but have no tix
  18. oh man i haven't listend to zztop in years - so good.
  19. thats nuts - you find crazy stuff on wikipedia dontcha?
  20. how'd that ashlee simpson album get on there?!
  21. thats awesome - i'll check it out the next time i'm in turkey
  22. thats so lame - i hate the radio
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