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  1. Broken Hearts are for Assholes Frank Zappa Hey! do you know what you are? Youre an asshole! an asshole! Some of you might not agree Cause you probably likes a lot of misery But think a while and you will see... Broken hearts are for assholes Broken hearts are for assholes Are you an asshole? Broken hearts are for assholes Are you an asshole too? Whatcha gonna do, cause you're an asshole... Maybe you think you're a lonely guy Maybe you think you're too tough to cry So you went to the grape, Just to give it a try And dagmar Without a doubt, the ugliest sonofabitch I ev
  2. My Dad was a huge Led Zepp fan and would tell me stories about when he was younger and his face would always light up when remembering all of the great times he had when listening to them and laughing at the times he couldnt remember!! All this meant nothing to me because i a bit young to take it all in. anyway.... I later got in to Led Zeppelin in a real die hard way and my dad was thrilled. Well at first he was. Now he HATES them because ive ruined it for him. Ive over played his favourite WLL and Black Dog to the piont were he screams at me to turn it off.!!! Ha ha Sorry Dad!!
  3. Yer her voice is amazing she also did Bohemian Rhapsody very good too, and she does an amazing Joplin cover. Queen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_1iJBIRRS0...feature=related Joplin
  4. I think ive got swine flu....... ive come out in rashes i rang the hosptital but i got a bad line, it was just crackling
  5. Sorry if this has been posted. I went to see P!nk on Wednesday at Liverpool and she asked the crowed if there were any Led Zep fans. The crowd went wild. She then sang Baby Im Gonna Leave You I thought she did a good job There are a few Videos on You Tube. I just picked the 1st. ?
  6. Still no news here then. Aww thats a shame. ive been checking for up dates here every day.
  7. Hammer of the Gods ( Led Zeppelin Unauthorised) JB to a journalist "Ive never tried conciously to be one of the best drummers and i dont want to be. A lot of kids come up to me and say. 'There's a lot better drummers than you,' or something. But i enjoy playing to the best of my ability and thats why im here doing it. I dont claim to be more exciting than Buddy Rich."
  8. LIVERPOOL The best Football team in the WORLD!!!!!
  9. Ya know, i read that book, it was given to me and i quite enjoyed it!! made me giggle a few times. and although they say most of it was false it made me see how things wer back then. kinda???
  10. Kings of Leon -monday 8 / 12 woooo only 3 more days Whole Lotta Led Satyrday 31/ 01 Pink wednesday 29/ 4 Eric Clapton Wednesday 13/ 5 Kings of Leon Tues 23/ 6
  11. ive never heard it hear in the uk. bit sad that really. dont know any radio stations that would either any sugestions???
  12. I agree with EV. i skip songs coz im not in the mood. but i am neva in the mood for "Hats off" its is sooo bad. its more like a noise to me. dats my opinion.
  13. I like Dylan, but i really really love Led Zep's version of this so no one in the world could do it better in my eyes. haha
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