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  1. Juliet

    Oh CANADA!

    While in B.C. the band, 54-40, had seven guitars stolen. Five have been recovered. More info is on their Facebook page. Let's hope the other two guitars are found safe & sound.
  2. Juliet


    Greetings: Alice will perform the role of King Herod in the live production of Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC tomorrow ( April 1).Check local listings for time
  3. Juliet

    Oh CANADA!

    Hello Everyone: I watched The Juno Awards on Sunday eve. The show seems to get better each year. I won't pick a favourite act...they were all good. Next year it will be held in London Ontario at The Budweiser Gardens. Juliet
  4. Juliet

    Merry Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas to all Zep fans. Juliet
  5. Juliet

    Greta Van Fleet

    Hi: I heard this band on Last Call with Carson Daly. This show is on @ 2:30 am where I live. The show may have been a repeat because there's no mention on the GVF FB pg that they were on LC. Anyhow I was impressed with their music. Being an insomniac has some rewards!!
  6. Juliet

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    The Eurythmics need more votes.
  7. Juliet

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    The Manson story has been on most Canadian and US networks......I remember when it first happened. I'd rather remember the victims...May they rest in peace.
  8. Juliet


    RIP MALCOLM YOUNG....... Juliet
  9. Juliet

    Lady Gaga

    Hello again: I need to make a correction. The European leg of the tour is postponed. A million apologies!
  10. Juliet

    Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM, promised to legalize it. It is probably one of the reasons he and his party were elected. It will be legal in 2018. Now there's a lot of discussion on how to tell if a person is impaired from weed. What instrument should be used to measure the amount of chemical in you is one of the issues..There will be zero tolerance if a person drives while stoned.
  11. Juliet

    Lady Gaga

    It appears Gaga is cancelling the European segment of her tour for health reasons according to her facebook page. I made a request to the Budweiser Gardens that Gaga bring her tour to London Ontario one day..I can wait. GET WELL SOON LADY GAGA
  12. Juliet

    21 Pilots

    Hello: I saw this band on an awards show (I think it was The Grammys last year) The singer was on a high ladder or platform. I was concerned he was going to jump but he did not. He has an interesting voice...J
  13. Juliet

    Tropical Storm/Hurricane Harvey

    I send my thoughts and prayers to all affected by this tragedy Juliet
  14. Juliet

    On the Radio

    BLACK DOG....fm 96....London.....today
  15. Juliet

    Lady Gaga

    Hello: I wish her well on the tour.....No London Canada date....I assume the facility is not large enough....J