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  1. Hello. My name is Zoe. I'm a Zep-aholic and damn proud of it too.

  2. Welcome Zeptember 2012!

  3. Celebrating Rocktober!

  4. Here are a few random facts about myself. I can NOT sleep when it's quiet. Silence hurts my ears. So I always have my stereo on. I have a severe clown phobia. I discovered my newfound addiction to mountain dew w/a shot of vodka. I'm a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. I'm a sucker for a good Scorsese film. Goodfellas and Casino are 2 of my most favorites ever. I prefer Burger King to McDonalds. I prefer Coke to Pepsi. I'm a pomegranate fiend. Pom juice, Pom shampoo, Pom cereal...etc... If it's pomegranate I've probably already tried it. I listen to all kinds of music from all kinds of artists, but Led Zep is my all time favorite.
  5. Right now I'm making a video compilation of this past weekends ZepFest III. So at the moment I'm listening to Swan Song performing The Rover & The Lemon Song.
  6. San Antonio, TX. The only good thing we have out here is Zepfest every Zeptember.
  7. What a really tough choice. All three are anthemic and eternal. I love Stairway. Kashmir has always been a huge favorite of mine, but I voted for Achilles because that song is powerful and epic. It gets my heart racing!
  8. The Song Remains The Same sndtrk BBC Sessions How The West Was Won Although, I could cheat and say Box Set vol.1 & 2, and Mothership. LOL!
  9. True, greatness is objective, but I voted yes because to me Zep IS the greatest.
  10. I voted for 'Since' because that song makes me swoon. It's hard to pick just one though. Thank You holds a special place in my heart.
  11. Thanks for the add! Keep on rockin! =)

  12. Hey Dancin'Days, that's a freaking sweet tattoo! Awesome!
  13. Hey ZeppFan! You're from S.A. TX? I am too! Did you go to ZepFest this year? Rock on buddy! =D

  14. Ding dong the bitch is dead.
  15. I'm happy because I just found out it's probably not going to rain tomorrow. I also just picked up my official Zepfest '09 tee shirt (this year it's inspired by BBC Sessions). I'm going to Zepfest at Hemisfair Park tomorrow. I've been to the others out here and they were awesome! KZEP 104.5's Zepfest 2009
  16. 29 years gone by... Rest in peace Bonzo
  17. My sentiments exactly. I'm pretty crushed by RB's statement, but I'm still looking forward to the 3 J's new projects.
  18. Cool pics everyone! Here are a few of me. They're king of old. Please forgive the shirt. It was a gift. LMFAO! Hanging @ Sea World with a mouthful of gum. It was humid and my hair was everywhere.
  19. I voted for No Quarter. That song is amazing! But then again most Zeppelin songs are.
  20. It's really hard picking only 2 songs off each album. I might cheat a little. I- Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/How Many More Times II- The Lemon Song/What Is And What Should Never Be III- Since I've Been Loving you/Tangerine IV- The Battle Of Evermore/Misty Mountain Hop Houses of the Holy- D'yer Make'r/The Ocean Physical Graffiti (it's tough picking just 2.The is one of my favorite albums ever. Can't I pick 2 off each album since it is a double album?)- The Rover/In My Time Of Dying & Down By The Seaside/Boogie With Stu The Song Remains the Same sndtrk (Again this is a double album so I'll pick a total of 4. Please don't get mad.) - The Rain Song/Dazed and Confused & Whole Lotta Love/No Quarter Presence- Achilles Last Stand/Tea For One In Through the Out Door- I'm Gonna Crawl/All My Love Coda- I Can't Quit You Babe/Bonzo's Montreux I'm going to cheat a little bit and add... Early Days- Communication Breakdown/Good Times Bad Times Latter Days- Trampled Underfoot/Houses of The Holy BBC Sessions- Something Else/The Girl I Love How The West Was Won- Over The Hills And Far Away/Whole Lotta Love Mothership- Immigrant Song/Rock N Roll I know this next one isn't an official release by the band, but I love it none-the-less. Kashmir (Symphonic Led Zeppelin)- Kashmir/Stairway To Heaven It would be much easier to pick Zep songs that I really don't like. LOL! The Crunge and Carouselambra would be the only two on that list.
  21. LMFAO! Diana those are great! Hilarious!
  22. Anyone ever heard of the Screeching Weasels? If you have then you know why I hate them. They have a song that completely disparages the mighty Led Zep. Forget it. I won't go further into details. It'll just piss me off again. Besides they were a suckass punk band not even worth the mention.
  23. I'm basking in the delights of a weekend long tribute to Led Zep. My favorite radio station rolling the Zep catalog A-Z again! Tomorrow it will be Z-A! I always love this time of year! Zeptember RULES! http://www.kzep.com/main.html
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