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  1. It's always Plant getting the air time and JPJ is far to dignified to bite back.As I'm also English I get Plants humour but he really isn't half as funny as he thinks he is.
  2. Lucky sod,that's all I have to say!
  3. I can see your point but if you consider that Zep had 7 consecutive number 1 albums in the UK and all but one went at least platignum I think it's fair to say they were pretty popular in their homeland.I reckom IF they were to tour the UK the ticket sales would be massive.I think relatively speaking they are more popular in the US but are in no way small fry here at home,and besides I think we should just be proud of the fact that they're a very English band are so huge in the US and around the globe.
  4. A work mate of mate of mine who was about 8 to 10 years older than me found out I was getting in to rock music and when he asked me if I liked Zeppelin I had to confess I hadn't even heard of them.This would be around 1989 so I would have been about 17.He went right it's time to educate you my friend and brought in the first three albums on CD the next day.I took them home and put the first album on and pressed the random button.The first Led Zeppelin song I ever knowingly heard was Communication Breakdown and from that moment on I was IN hook,line and sinker.Afew years later we stood and watched Page and Plant at Glastonbury and I have also been fortunate enough to recount this story to Jimmy Page himself as it also led to me taking up the Guitar not to long after.
  5. They look and sound great.I was hoping to go and see them tomorrow at the Towngate in Basildon but my cousin has very inconsideratley chosen to get bloody married that day.Never mind next time around eh.
  6. Always wanted to be a drummer but me mum wouldn't give in so I took up the guitar instead.I am lucky enough to own a JP les paul and I would love to have bought one of the Bonham kits even though I can't play Drums but the old finances just won't stretch that far.If I win the lottery though, hmmm.
  7. Hope they repeat it because the missus cancelled it from sky plus.There will be a divorce.I'm bloody seething!!!
  8. Over here in England there used to be a famous TV gardener called Percy Thrower and I recall reading somewhere the nick name derived from an in joke amoung the band about watching our own Plant grow and develop.I would think because of this the name came about earlier on in Zeppelins career as grow and develop he did and as we all know he "blossomed" in to a golden God.Hope this answer is helpful to you. Regards
  9. Went to the exhibition today and they had a couple of copies of the book as well as many other Genesis Publications.I have to say that all the books are absolutley stunning and anyone who has one coming will definately NOT be dissapointed.
  10. In the latest TBL magazine at a dinner meeting Robert said to Jason Bonham that he lost his best friend to the monster that was Led Zeppelin.There's no hiding the fact that a lot of bad things happened within the Zep camp and Robert was the worst affected,so maybe his reluctance to reform the monster is totally understandable.It's no secret that in their line of work tragic events seem to be a occupational hazard.Personally I am not particularly mad about Robert's career since the demise of Zep but if it floats his boat and people want to buy it then good luck to him.Perhaps we should be grateful for all the returns to Zep Robert has made since 1980 because if anyone has a right to turn their back on Led Zeppelin it's Robert Plant.
  11. I definately saw him grin when I suggested nipping round to the the Tower House for a Guitar jam the next day and he mad me laugh when he said i'm not going to be sitting there replying to messages all bloody day when talking about his immenent website.He was very relaxed and personable and it's quite hard to associate the rumours and myths with him.He was smaller than I thoght at about 5' 10'' and really quite slim.
  12. Sorry but i'm only on a lap top and don't have a scanner but i'll try and get it on here somehow if I can.
  13. Hello FireOpal First off I was a mess but then was able to tell him about previous Page and Plant gigs I had attended and that I was genuinely at the O2 reunion,also that because of him I play Guitar and own a 1995 Jimmy Page signature Les Paul which obviously meant I'm a pretty serious fan.Obviously the subject of a Zeppelin reunion came up but as we all know it's all down to Mr Plant and Jimmy said he was dissapointed that Robert was not keen but theres nothing he can do about it and he said everyone thought they would do more shows after the O2 but unbeknown to him Robert went off and done the Alison Krauss thing. He was very complementary about Jason Bonham and he even asked my opinion on the Robert Plant song that is on the radio at the moment to which I replied it's alright but you know what Jimmy, Robert Plant just doesn't ROCK anymore.Shame I know but that's how I feel.I can't remember much more,I think I was racking my brain to avoid asking questions that he would not appreciate,I mean he really is one of my all time life heroes and I didn't want to piss him off or look like an idiot.If I ever pick him up again I will be far more composed.At the end of the journey he signed a magazine picture for me and something for my guitar teacher who went to the O2 gig with me and has recently had a stroke and cannot work.At the start of the journey I turned off the meter but he insisted on giving me a £10 note because I have a living to earn.Won't be spending that note!I then jumped out of the cab to shake hands and thanked him for making my day so great then he smiled and said something like "that's alright man" so hopefully he thought I was an alright bloke.I don't know if I could just stop him in the street as I wouldn't wan't to be a pest but with me he was friendly and polite and I thought he was fantastic and it was a day i'll never forget.
  14. Thanks for your reply.I was absolutley in shock for a short while but he was so down to earth it really calmed me down and after 5 minutes or so I was actually fairly chilled out and able to have a nice conversation with him.Not surprisingly he honestly didn't tell me anything we don't already know but it was nice hearing it from the man himself and I can't tell you how bizare it is looking at Jimmy Page in your rear view mirror.Your right that it is a great job perk,driving a cab in London certainly has it's moments but they are few and far between but ones like this are rare indeed although there is no reason why I won't pick him again and a cab driver mate of mine picked up Robert Plant last year so maybe he will be next,if so i'll let you all know. Cheers Andy
  15. Hello mate,it was about 6:30 pm and I took him to The Worlds End Pub in Kings Road Chelsea.If you know the area the traffic was really bad due to the roadworks in Cromwell rd so luckily for me the journey took about 25 minutes instead of 10.I was on my way home to Essex after dropping some Ladies off in Chiswick but saw Jimmy waiting for a cab and put my For Hire light back on pretty bloody quick.
  16. Actually the subject did arise and he was positive that some new stuff will soon see the light of day and that he will be performing live aswell.We did cover a few subjects but as you can imagine my brain was a bit scrambled and iv'e hardly slept as I am still pinching myself that it actually happened.If any one has any questions ask away and i'll let you all know the answers if it was something we covered. Cheers Andy
  17. Hello all.I've never posted before but today I felt I must.My name is Andy and I am a London Cab driver and yep you guest it I picked up Jimmy about 150 yards from his house off Kensington High Street today and took him to a Pub in Chelsea.Luckily for me the traffic was very bad so we chatted for about 20 to 25 minutes.I was a gibbering wreck for the first few minutes but calmed down after a bit.I had a copy of the uncut magazine that was printed just after the O2 show and he was happy to sign it for me.To be fair I am still a bit Dazed and Confused {haha} by the whole thing but when people say you shouldn't meet your heroes because you'll be dissapointed in Jimmy's case they couldn't be more wrong,he was absolutley great.I've picked up lots of famous people but Jimmy for me is the ULTIMATE passenger.And by the way he insisted on giving me a tenner even though I offered to do it for free.What a day,it's been bloody brilliant!!!
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