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  1. When I was VERY young I met Tommy Shaw of Styx. A family friend of mine works with Alice Cooper as well.
  2. I have had the same problem and I found it's best to rest it for atleast two days. Although it kills not being able to play, your wrist could use a break. Although I know you have heard it a million times, rest rest rest rest. Try to use it as little as possible and if the pain stops pick up the guitar and see how it works. Best of luck. Keep me updated. Pat(Zosofan11)
  3. well, aint that really helpful... I love any les paul really. but the one that takes the cake for me is jp's ionic double neck.
  4. Thanks for the advice! As for the Crate it is from the 90's, and actually a good piece of work, but i was looking into some Marshall stuff to...
  5. Sup guys. I'm a young guitarist in the U.S. and I am just starting up a band. We where going to cover a lot of Zeppelin stuff and I really want to catch the essence of Page's riffs. Now I play with the Page style of heavy blues and hard rock, but I know a lot comes from the equipment he used. So maybe somebody can help me out. As of right now I have a Crate GFX-212 amp that puts out 120 watts, an Epiphone 2007 Les Paul Standard, a Fender 67 Stratocaster Re-issue, and a Boss DS-1 Distortion. I am currently saving up for the Epiphone G-1275 double neck, but I need some effects to. So please drop me a line and share what you know! Thank You! Best Wishes, Pat (Zosofan11)
  6. haha ya but hey i was into all this classic rock to bro. jus like you 13 yr old so many years ago wen there was jus guitar sittin there tryn to play aerosmith
  7. heres an idea... how about the vg strat?
  8. and heres a nother bit of info... gh4 is going to include drums and vocals with a better drum set.. google it
  9. excuse me but can you describe the wrong kinda ppl cause im a 13 year old kid who loves zep, and i dont think thats the wrong kinda ppl.
  10. yes. thats what i ment by advertizing. sorry if i didnt make that real clear.
  11. the offical title is zoso.... i was in a walmart and it said it on the label....
  12. DUDE LED ZEPPELIN MIGHT TOUR AGAIN HOW CAN YOU TELL ME TO SETTLE DOWN!!! i meen i get ur point but still...
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